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The love is grown by the heart

The love is grown by the heart
If love, don't refuse hastily, then regret slowly, the love should be prudent, but you should not lose it carelessly either.
Do not dare to love, is injuring oneself sometimes.
The love needs a little excitedly. Li Ao, has found one of young his girls 30 years old making him palpitate with excitement when there is a second-class bus, " excited " for the moment ,He can't help, stop she unexpectedly, want telephone of making, the king little to it collects to be his at present wife.
The love is obviously straight from the heart, but not release from the head. The vision of the love, not eyes, is the brilliant rays in soul and that soul depths. If like having reasons, the love is purposeful, that is not love; If like explaining, can like fairly and sensibly, like just passing out of existence.
The love is not reason, not health or experience of emotion. Speaking from the its real form, the love is that a kind of spirit is experienced, is the revealment not conscientious but natural of inner world. If associate between men and women, need to think all possible dangers and consequences over in advance each time, perhaps they will flee in panic. Too many places of reason, is always that there are too few emotions. Modern's love seems very fragile, a very important reason is too realistic, too rational
Do not mean refusing cautiously, take it seriously not to miss absolutely when being easy to appear. It weighs to be first simple way of true love watching and reacting.
In a certain meaning, the love is like the sports activity, is a kind of natural excitement, and all natural excitement all have a positive meaning. The love is a kind of faith too like undertaking, without her, you will lack much strength
Experienced person says, " the more the age is the older, the less dare to say the love easily, seem to know the love is a more serious thing " . In fact, the real love is not really so easy to run into just as hitting lottery tickets sometimes, need patience, eyes, need luck too.
The love looks like the most precious chocolate, should enjoy that super delicious food while being fresh. Yes, stretch out hands to let the other side know.
Whom if one like already since in the face of him have courage go pursue, basically his life and perhaps the undertaking is almost that this kind of intensity likewise loves a person deeply, it is happy that some people choose to offer to the other side; Some people choose to bless quietly. Where is your choice? Also staying at a person's side, some people appear to regard for oneself because others are used to, love and habit, which one will you |||||||||||||| |.&l t;/a> choose? 

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What flavor is woman's flavor on earth?

What flavor is woman's flavor on earth?
The woman does not have woman's flavor, not as fragrant as the flower. The beautiful woman might not have woman's flavor, but the woman with flavor must be very beautiful. The woman has flavor, three points are beautiful can rise to seven points; Woman tasteless, seven beautiful to drop 3 to.
Beauty from her health at first of woman's flavor. Figure soft, if waterfall dark to take place, like snow woman of skin, quiet holes of wave, rose kind spoil American smile like the lake water in addition, her woman's flavor will blow against one's face. Woman's flavor still comes from the woman's virtue. Non- kindhearted woman, even if she inclines in the whole city of the country, even if she could be outstanding, not the outstanding and lovely woman.
The woman with woman's flavor is glad to study, but not only crazy about the fashion magazine and the Eight Diagrams news; It is very wide to dabble knowledge, can see different thing, her soul held back of the accumulation inside from it. The woman who can make people cordial according to one's own inherent makings is the woman who has woman's flavor most.
Woman's flavor is that one kind is made lightly, a kind of one that lived and pursued silently in life correctly correctly is calm. There is independent personality, independent economy is supported, think in the independent thought border. The woman with woman's flavor loves the money too, but without copper stink, it is that one kind is joyful that others see the course that she earns money, she even likes gracefully to love the money.
Woman one women young and ignorant and charming not merely in bad smell, there are kind-heartedness, concern, kindly of maternal instinct. She loves oneself, loves others even more. Not because artificial, but it is cold to know and know heat, know to know lightly heavily.
Woman's flavor is wiped a little shy. Speak and does not chatter, it is not rash and too much in a haste to do things, treat people not very casual, the shy attitude is not the weak behavior, but the beautiful declaring publicly exactly. Restrained movement language, the sight of quietlying send the message of love, the look of giving a winsome smile, incomparably graceful bearing, lovingly pathetic face, always surpass thousands and thousands of words.
Woman's flavor is a kind of ambience. The woman with ambience, outside the wooden dipper basin of one pot of bowls, the small family causes exquisitely, bright and clean.
,|, Mr. Zhu Ziqing has had such a description of the woman: The woman has her gentle air, such as listening to the xiao sound, such as taking a sniff at roses, for instance, water is like honey, if the cigarette is like fog, shroud us, taking a step of her, straighten one's back, plunder the hair, in an instant, if the honey is flowing, water is swinging   The woman's smile is a half-open flower, the poem flows and overflows and draw inside, there is silent music. 

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The university

Philosophic theory 085a¤ in life   
At strange environment,because dare this kind one jump but under person have resolute others relatively, quicker than others, relatively others are adventurous, so, can hold more chances, so is often a winner. 
The person that will only have fantasies of does not have real chance 
There is an American girl called Sylvia, her father is a famous plastic surgeon in Boston, mother is in a family 
The university enjoying high reputation serves as a professor. Her family is very helpful to her with supporting, she totally has an opportunity to realize one's own ideal. From she is while studying in the middle school, have been dreaming of working as the host of the TV programme all the time. She thinks she has ability in this respect, because whenever she gets along with others, would like to be close to her and have a long talk with her even if it is a stranger. It is in the others' mouth how she knows "  Give voice to one's innermost feelings "  . Her friends call her them "  Intimate spiritual doctor with oneself "  . She often said by oneself: "So long as someone wishes to give me a chance on TV, I believe that can unquestionably succeed. " 
But, what does she do for reaching this ideal? In fact there is nothing! She is waiting for the miracle to appear, hopes to act as the host of the TV programme quickly. 


& lt;a href="http://ss86.tradea.org/6636/Look+on.html"> -< a href="http://oo86.vox.com/library/post/relevant-factors- having-disease.html">-< ;a href="http://www.getablog.net/nn86/86436/The+fittings+do +not+get+a+permanent+cure.html">-< ;a href="http://crea86.20minutes-blogs.fr/archive/2009/07/0 7/great-to-children-s-influence.html">-< a href="http://www.wunderground.com/blog/gnaoo/comment.htm l?entrynum=3">-< a href="http://oo86.vox.com/library/post/fen-type-of-coron ary-heart-disease.html">-& lt;a href="http://myblog.tretoday.net/to86/286/The+next+day.h tml">-

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Part of primary school

Part of primary school)  : (1)  
1.Mr. Fang is a department executive of a private enterprise, the wife works in the food factory, the sum of family's annual incomes is about 80,000 yuan. Husband and wife buy house of 75 square meters and one set by oneself when got married ten years ago, total price is 340,000 yuan, the 10 -year mortgage of the bank, monthly mortgage is 1250 yuan. There are fixed deposits of 100,000 yuan in the family at present, current 30,000 yuan. In addition upon somebody's introduction, Mr. Fang also invests 100,000 yuan to buy the 3 -year reason property product of bank, it is expected comprehensive earning ratio is about 3%. 
Mr. Fang's daughter just studied in the primary school this year, a public transformation primary school at home studied in. The expenses that the daughter studied are roughly: Tuition is 1000 yuan per term, the incidentals of book is 100 yuan per term, the pastry fee of lunch is 120 yuan per month. In addition, acquire the cost of educational amusement articles such as new clothing, outside reading, toy,etc. in about 200 yuan every month for the daughter. Each of daughter have, take dance lesson at children's palace quite a while weekend, train expense as 50 yuan per month. 
There is no famous-brand middle school near Mr. Fang's family, think about the daughter's future, Mr. Fang plans to reserve a sum of " select the school support " in advance ,Enable daughters to enter the better the beginning and study after graduation from primary school. But Mrs. Fang's office is ineffective, the rumour of reducing the staff spreads in the factory again recently, the family income may be reduced soon soon, and the daughter's educational expenses will be larger and larger, Mr. Fang feels the prospect causes anxiety. 
Family annual income 80,000 family deposit 130,000 real estate house produce one other assets cut property product invest 100,000 in debt to have family annual 1 total expenditure in 3 years since. 20,000 yuan children educate the financial situation of the annual expenditure of 7000 yuan to analyze: Family's annual income: 80,000; Fixed year expenditure: 12,000; Financial assets: 100,000 yuan is fixed, 30,000 is current, RMB 100,000 pays attention to the property product; Fixed assets: House property set '  Live alone)  ; The family in debt: No; The welfare is ensured: Couple two people have social insurance; Family's responsibility: Bring up the daughter and learn to grow up; The financing is proposed: The family state of Mr. Fang is good, the resources are rich, but assets are insufficient in appreciation, there is possibility that the income reduces. 
1,Mr. Fang's family relatively lacks experience in appreciation of assets, has not contacted more investment products either for ten years, only stop paying attention to the property product in deposit and bank at present, it is really a bit regrettable that the fund of 230,000 yuan can only get the income of thousands of yuan every year. The ones that are suitable for so prudent a low risk of Mr. Fang at present and like the good customer have banks to cut property product, monetary fund, national debt,etc., Mr. Fang should consult the bank or other financing personnel some more knowledge of managing money matters, want oneself arduous to earn money on one hand, family assets but relative price and put through to expand to shrink on the other hand. Mr. Fang can take out some fund and try some investment varieties of risks and incomes higher too, for example the stock, equilibrating type fund, securities trader pays attention to the property product etc., if have the honor to find a past master resting assured, that one's own own appreciation rate of assets raises by twice and blames the thing too. 
2,Seeing that Mr. Fang's financial assets take deposit property as the core, in assets are insufficient in appreciation, exist risk resist ability to be weaker still, because they have social insurance for many years, proposing tying a safety belt for kinsfolks again, husband and wife handle a long-term life insurance, serious disease and accident insurance for oneself, handle an accident and medical insurance for the daughter. 
3,About madam Fang being unit ineffective to have, may reduce the staff, consider abundant reserve fund up till now, needn't worry very much, anything all have a dual character, continue going to work and taking a small amount of salary unable to be permanent in the factory, it would be better to buy out the length of service resolutely, catch to cook some retail business such as the food early, if adapt to the market, maybe it will be not worse to include than before. 
4,Educational problems of children, the child is the greatest task of each family, it is each of innate obligations of parents to find it one's obigation to walk forward and not to turn back, invest constantly, but different methods and tactics will display the result differently. Way of gentleman of the other side at present the most is the education deposit, after Mr. Fang accepts the education of managing money matters progressively, can understand and educate the gold insurance and method of the fixed quota investment funds progressively too. 

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2009-Apr-29, 12:29

This seems it is well too

However, the one that was satirized is, the biggest beneficiary of sexual liberation is men. Precisely, it is the men of the intermediate strata. As to privileged stratum, sexual liberation they free, intermediate strata but therefore with the enjoyment of acquired character except marriage of the minimum cost the unprecedented one - -Woman "  Deliver to one's home "  . 
This seems it is well too, I wish your feeling, equality and mutual benefit. Unfortunately, physiological specialities of men and women, the making one is absolutely " equal " It is unable to realize. Men will never become pregnant, miscarry and suffer the body and mind to create hugely because of love of one night, it is several times of man that women are infected with the probability not clean. However, the girl deceived keeps crying and wants to see that demands to be responsible for the foetus to the doorstep, it is a content of the bitter feeling play before 20 years at least. Nowadays men do not eat ways to do things: Who makes you careless? What does it have to do with clot and I in your stomach? Even accompanying the hospital of going " Solve " Willing, soul too more person who disappear at this point. The cost that women paid can't be claimed, can only hit teeth down to swallow to the stomach. Because everybody's capital " Liberate " ,do things oneself responsible for. 
The men of the eastern society are a bit more base. Those hanker after man of the love of one night, and those require the wife is the virgin's men, often same. The ethical halter is often thrown down by the neck specially facing toward women. Then the woman has not only lost restrainedly but also lost morality and justice. 
In other words, sexual liberation enables man's abundant enjoying the right and escaping responsibility easily. It makes the woman become "  Lowpriced" .     

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2009-Mar-26, 01:21

it is the common destiny

Remember again that section once stroked the melody which disturbed my soul and day accompanying with it, in the dance hall unexpectedly. That day, in conformity with to invite friend, give up appear one whole night rare, beyond want, have a taste of some study only happy and happy. 
The dance hall is not the place where I often patronize, though I am very crazy about that kind to put in metre in verse and exhibition that the body express the emotion. At ordinary times, I like rubing time and breaking to pieces, a small one and one and small pieces of land are worn down by the desk, taste and chew others' characters, concoct one's own characters too. Can't help, lure, stock first dance hall once in a while really only. 
Trumpet and saxophone look like a pair of lovers who tell each other the words right from heart, " make a fresh start at the continent " playing Dvorak touchingly That section of immensely popular melodies of China, make people palpitate with excitement. 
I only know a kind of dance step, raw. But dancing partner is very outstanding, a quick and sane rotation, involve in me the dance floor, think if such as the dream is silly. The greatest pleasant place of dancing can let the state of mind be inconstant, rise and fall with music. It is subconsciously and beat,it but hesitate, walk getting more half-cooked extremely. Among one baffled illusion, seem barefoot step on soft crisp fragrant earth, well up a bunch of fluid notes in the heart. 
That is a section of remote, spacious, simple and heavy melodies, from coming in this world, dim. 
The end. The dancing partner asks: "What, your mood, where to go to roam? " "I am sorry. " I say, a bit absent-mindedly. The music sounds again, the music is continuous in one's ear, but lift the great waves in the heart. 
My attention can't be centralized. Seem to walk in a thousand mountain ten thousand gullies again, the top of the head is the deep and remote blue sky, under the foot is the solid and simple and honest loess. Heel slip bright and clean ground gently, getting blue Waltz rotate when being brilliant, with blending simple and honestly and deeply in the heart, then, I have caught to that section hides melody in the bottom of heart, a simple and unadorned, excited rammers work chant. 
The small mountain village where I jumped the quene, had an " umbrella head " known far and wide that year . What is called umbrella head, is leading the dancer of Shan Peking University yangge. It is said Li to sing " Dongfanghong " an outstanding umbrella head. That head silvery voice of umbrella in the village, fine talents, good heart. He teach us learn one song to have word, " hey, Hey, Hey, oh oh hey, Hey, hey - Hey, Hey, oh oh   ",That tamp, lift stone, work song that dry weight sing at the physical work. 
While hearing it for the first time, I can't believe, so majestic and showing reaching and plaintive song, the melody is old, succinct, lyrics nihility, but meaningful. What is it telling? Pan Gu separating heaven and earth since the beginning of history? Nukua smelting the stone and mending it? Also or pledge one's devotion and fill out the defending precisely of the sea? 
Human high and level tone is guided and uttered, that was sung the praises of is to create human work. 
Rammers work chant worked to sing the praises of seem apt to make people to be also apt to make people bestir oneself when being sentimental sentimental. The coarse rail is pressed on the slim and fragile shoulder, the tenacious rough fly imbeds the fine and glossy skin. As we squat on the shoulder which is supporting the companion, grit teeth closely, both legs are trembling while doing all one can to stand up, umbrella head long to shout first " lifts! " Then, a sound of work songs shake heaven and earth. At that time, I understood what was heavy. 
In song, people's smart air is amassed together, act in agreement, stand together through thick and thin, share a common destiny. It is restless that that kind of strength that can move mountains and fill seas is in mother's belly like the foetus, like thundering on the rail of wheel, like soaring on the satellite base of rocket, that kind of unresistable strength, the source like all miracles. 
Remember that has sent the flood for one year, we have run out of grain. One soya bean, one rice, we a dozen people it insists on to be 3 day more whole. One I alone and wolf relax to meet into mountain, socialize, survive miraculously unexpectedly half. The fellow-villager says I have hard life, I say that is that I have heavy life. 
Heavy, it is the common destiny of this generation of ours. The tribulation of life, make and is soaked in our blood in a desolate responsibility, it is right in tears that a silk can't bear the heavy load, life not had in order to be cleared up that it is bearing the weight of is heavy, accompany us to experience life in a conscientious and down-to-earth manner. Though Hou can go to the dance hall to look for the light feeling too when mood is impetuous, however, even carefree in putting on a false show of peace and prosperity, the sense of that kind of bearing is unable to leave me. 
This generation of ours, destined to shoulder a heavy task all one's life, the rammers work chant as simple and unsophisticated as that nihility.   

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2009-Feb-27, 01:10

I thank the growth of three years

Perhaps interview the officer and has not expected I will ask this question, perhaps he is waiting for this question of mine. He gets back to the seat again, sincere, have answered my question: 
"OK. Let me tell you. You keep my impression of you are too self-confident. When introducing oneself, you have used this outstanding word to describe one's own English ability. As you know, I am British, I say so that it is a national language, but you are not. We may not be certain, need best person, whom we need most suitable the people of work. That's why I gave you several questions of creating obstacles later. But you do not seem too self-confident again in answering. You are good at hitting out voluntarily when interviewing, but does not understand how to defend oneself. " 
I admire the mood that he can understand me with so sharp eyes very much. I tell him, in fact tense when I introduced, eager to express consistently, not selecting speeches on the mouth, so it is " outstanding " to just use This word. Show that hopes to have an opportunity to learn from him very much. Then we say good-bye to friendly hand-shake. 
, at road, consider I ones that come back,with before listen to others pointed out by one's own shortcominged face to face seldom, but the interview of short half an hour, I learnt a lot of things, I very gratified, even if oneself interview fail, sincere opinion these can let me improve oneself constantly of the work in the future. A few days later, when I get Ann offer forever, the mood at that time is very excited. I thank the interview officer very much, he let me the first time, come out in impetuous psychology, serious self- close examination. 
A lot of people query very much why I choose to go to the accounting firm to engaged in not having audit work of any experience. I believe, everybody, in looking for a job, there is a background psychology, this relates to everybody's experience. To one's own and professional choice, mean the choice to the philosophy of life too to a certain extent. 
Most people of us, including me, in ask student at the margin, had enough proud score, all may be plain sailing. How much trace, passion that overflow at it begin yet life it carve on us, publicize self- youth last signs that shows off proud most still. However, more or less, all of us have tried the flavour failing. As to I myself, the failure of college entrance examination can be regarded as a neither big nor small setback several years ago, the ideal university of entry that can not make one's wish fulfilled, but allocated and gone to another key university to study the language literature speciality of English, a kind of small setback psychology always often reminds me since then want the constant struggle and advance. Eager to excel in whatever one does and examining oneself into a part in my personality. Meanwhile, too create because of setback I peaces getting more prudent and psychology. In 2001, I was admitted to the news of Peking University and school of communication studies and studied for a Master degree candidate with first's achievement. News dissemination professional a loud characteristic of student to have a wide range of knowlege, everything is dabbled a bit, because of institute that set up newly, course that offer experimental, mix while being rich very, study from communication theory to culture, from news practice to the economic management of media, so we this group of students, say on the knowledge structure, it is very typical humanity students. This make me realize one's own shortcoming, because of come from liberal arts background, so mathematical logic train respect exist deficienting certain. Unless since characters by characters, by theory,it is it easy to make fall into by shape alone very and at mire, form the fastidious but incompetent trouble.   
It is professional to have nothing to do (3)   
An industry strengthened is rising in the media, someone likens it to " the last violence industry " ,As the specialized students of the media, a lot of people's first-selection is the media industry naturally. But the media is a very heterogeneous trade, it is all very different to do the newspaper, do TV, do magazines. The media industry that I understand is one "  The content industry "  ,It offers a platform, absorb the talents of various fields, for example economics background, law science background, humane background, even background of science and engineering,etc.. A trade and a professional concept differ significantly, the key is to see concrete position, positions oneself, interest, working environment to look for a job, future development,etc., but should not confine to a trade. 
Choose to go to Ann forever, on one hand think of one's own sensitivity to the data of conscious cultivation, train more rational thinking ability; On the other hand, work in the global trans-corporation, can train and is based on the global eyes and advanced commercial idea, these are all very important for me.  In a word, no matter how to get to the way in the future, I will regard it as another school, a good starting point. 
In fact, though get a lot of interview chances, got several offers, I do not think till now one's own job hunting succeed very, successful should find the localization suitable, graduate student's life of three years and then to Peking University in four years from the university for oneself, it is and to be mediocre, again in a state of anxiety but end, I can oneself found a localization only. So, only for the future considering with the answer. 
It means a section of end to graduate, working will bring us into the new beginning. In fact, no matter finish or begin, such turn federation is that we will think and extend unconsciously, or it is passing to turn one's head, or look forward in the future. As the state of mind becomes a line consistently, fall into self- history, at this time, write down some characters, seem to do arrangement to oneself again. In fact, everybody in the middle of the we, the makings of because different self- statement with different achievement; The characters such as everybody, bake and bank up different taste with earth out because of different mood. Likewise, different experiences let us choose different work, as a humanism person, I firmly believe the existence of the plural doctrine. 
Remember, get Peking University soon, because to new incompatibility of environment, reality and drop that expect just now, once for some time, I can't free oneself while falling into the boundless sluggishness. Tired of the characters, is tired of thinking, are tired to express. Seem one what that friend speak, " day row from the beginning, miserable and gentle, the health that the food crosses me has not left any trace, the body that the youth crosses me has not left any information, tired, as being hungry, induce people to indulge, induce people to give up the natural instinct, give up just like flowing water   "
But pliable and tough like I, have a consciousness that redeem oneself more than others. Life continues, should salvage by oneself from the edge of nihility, add it steady and surely, so absorbed as to do every thing before one's eyes well. 
The job hunting course of several months, let me understand a reason gradually, work actually like a reason with the marriage, penetrating like the generalization of old Mr. Qian, only " besieged city " And word, majority it's always the other mountain that looks higher, think oneself job most not good at present always, always have this or that complaint. 
" Subtle is the lord"  It seems to be a famous saying of Einstein, about this sentence, I plagiarize it over, interpret as: Only the detail could save the mankind. As to stepping into the graduate of the work soon like me, the key is to overcome the irritable trouble, some of gentle disposition of putting the mood, start from minor matter of the bit. 
I thank the growth of three years of Yan Yuan very much, it is epoch-making to me. Romance and book of times come out in the roll from university, from black and white good to absolutely come out with a fierce one, come out in the rules and regulations of concept from speech, I come out since from a absolute one, move towards the independence, move to maturity     
I have an appointment (1) with island city   

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2009-Feb-11, 11:24

Stratagem knack

Stratagem knack

Reveal purely with the plant or the precise oil products let black head float out automatically, then have black head pulled out with the small

tweezers. These are a lot of methods used in beauty parlor, gentle and enjoyable.

Actual combat comment: The precise oil is led out effectively, it is difficult to pull out!

Editor this buy for experience this cosmetic forum heavy hot house Melody Garden black head lead, happen liquid and pore shrink essential part

especially. Deserve, lead, appear liquid very delicious, stimulate eyes are so as effective precise oil of composition a bit? Well, I bear   10 minutes

later, take down and make up the cotton, much snack in vain float on the nose as expected.

Just when I inserted those snack with the tweezers, found that really challenged eyesight very much. Remembers a small tool used for sucking

black head bought in the past, there is no result, have originally already been thrown into the blacklist by me. Use up black head lead, appear

liquid spend pore cleaner, aspiration dirty things of pores, laugh three times! It is good that one wisp of plum pores of gold shrinks quintessence

taste, I like.

The expert gives an idea: To the person not big of black head, not very applicable.

Precise oil products molecule little, penetrating high, combine with low sensitive, low amazing natural composition, as softening choice of cutin

come it say is it best but. But want to deal with obstinate black head, the choice of the precise oil products is very important, don't be with the

wind blindly. The way to pull out black head is suitable for those persons with more serious black head, to person not big of black head, this way

is not very applicable. While pulling out black head, tools such as the tweezers used,etc. must be sterilized strictly, otherwise will bring more dirt

into the pore, lose more than gain instead.
Go black the first 5 word rhymed formula actual combat comment

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2009-Jan-8, 02:10

What's the matter

Leaf Lin supercilious look come over already, " Jane fit Jie, you much more lovely when the high school! " 
On the hospital side road where the pedestrian comes and goes, we saunter over all the way, I wonder whether I am sensitive, on always thinking that much sight focus on and leave the person who is sitting on the wheelchair letting me push away leisurely one after another successively, people runs and requires leaf Lin to sign a face with excitedly finally. 
I am surprised endlessly. 
It smile Ye Lin proud," it is for star in I. " 
"Are not you only a model? " I can't help making fun of. 
"The fault is a famous model! " The ones that went back are quite strong. 
Piao so polished as to come over once again a few days later on, see I came up to embrace me. 
"An Jie, I only hope you are happy. " 
"I know, brother. "  I suck polished sunshine bad smell Piao, why forget, his thought is the simplest forever, just thinking about me forever too, unexpectedly I will also suspect. 
"Hearing his suicidal it, I have been really frightened to. " Polished Piao, " like each other obviously, why should be always at odds? You yield to more he, in addition, need everything rest assured, though, Lin of leaf, look, have noisy a decent one no, but attention is fine and smooth. " 
I smile at, bury, dawdle in polished garment Piao head. 
"How to look like a kitten. " 
"Do not act like a child. " 
"Yes, you have not known how to act like a child since ten years old, it is like you where the girl has. " Piao polished to recall, can't help, shake the head, sigh childhood, but corner of the mouth that wipe, it loves to be deep and distinct. 
See off Piao polished, talk to doctor Liu, confirm leaf health of Lin already fine, but because many great scars may be unable to continue model's career on the body, I do not know whether he will take notice of this point very much, the model is the job that he likes after all. 
I push door of ward open enter, see leaf Lin sit in at bed collapse, low to droop hair, looking at one's own figer tip. 
"What's the matter? So listless. " I go over, take the edge of bed. 

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2008-Nov-5, 07:44

I stand up drawing her

I see, depend on fragrant at one glance outside the meeting-place, she make in first edge of flower bed, the sob wantonly has passed through the police whistle going far gradually, clear and melodious and clear and loud under the hot and dry sunshine.
I stand in front of her quietly. I am a bit relaxed but also feel sentimental. A relaxed one of mine is that I needn't lie again, I was originally sentimental if I am sentimental.
It is quiet and spacious that the life for team match of Hongta does not open up the east stadium, here only had me left and depended on fragrantly that the crowd dispersed.
I sit at her side, I have no speech.
Her sob is small gradually, I pass the prepared napkin over, I feel the unbearable pain for a moment on hand. I have resisted and has not moved, the blood has sewn the midstream from her tooth.
She opened the mouth at last, attacked in my chest to cry.
I pat on her back, I have no speech.
I am accompanying her to sit there for one afternoon, her sight is dull and lackluster. Until in face of sunshine, blood solidify under the sunshine later on back of the hand that bite I, there is no fresh blood to come out again.
I think where it will be old now such as rifle at that time? Has he set out on a journey? Will he ache? Will he yearn for this world in twinkling of an eye at the end? Who what he is thinking at the time of the last one will be? Who is a care one of his?
I stand up drawing her, am helping her into the car.
I have gone to the detention house by car, do I ask what old rifle was not left? I am his friend.
The police are looking at me, a sound of sighs, say: "Why can your friend go to traffic in narcotics? He left nothing, he only wrote a testament, donated all one's own organs, this is the first time in Kunming. "
I am a little unreconciled, ask: "Believe it too? "
"No. Even if you come us can send according to address that him write to in the past too if any. "
I have not let in accordance with getting off fragrantly, she does not know me either and is what is done to come here. I park car in from detention house far place very, she I come detention house know even
I have chased down driving in face of the setting sun, it is said that world is in the west, I want to send a section of old rifles, and this loves girl that he went while liking getting and is ordered for seeing him off together, will he receive our shade and sight?
I have driven the car to the west foot of the hill all the time, here is very far to the city, very close to the west?
Bird that go back to the nest overturn beautiful posture get into like jungle, bore if endless night in sky. I start window, have been irritated in by the fresh air. In accordance with fragrant to cry, speak either, dignified such as the sculpture.
She sent her mother to come to Kunming to see the doctor, his mother just reached the hospital while making a phone call to me, all these were known later.
I dart in the expressway driving, the city that I see is very brilliant, I am far away from Kunming closer and closer more and more from Western Hills.
Kunming is a brilliant city, future in Kunming is a more brilliant city, tonight, she fills with all of my sorrow. 

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2008-Nov-5, 07:43

I have one's face covered with tears again

In accordance with still everyday call, ask old thing of rifle whether I say that did not come back.
"You let somebody ask about. "
"Having asked about, there is no news. If where his going abroad I go to go to ask about? Don't worry, he loud people return the feeling of meeting accident to so? Even if reaching foreign country, he sells others' one only. "
"It is so to be, but either can't news a bit. "
"It is such for him not to do something, come and go like a shadow. It is in Burma that you think about him known how many persons there are? It is not still equally well, get rich equally. "
"Anyway there are many people that you know, you look for, have asked you! "
"The girl dies, does not believe you belong to wild goose's elder brother? You do not say I will look for, will send for and give, the friend that we are so fine. "
"It is too hateful to belong to wild goose's elder brother, some is given to I, so long as his giving to you well, take advantage of me and visit one while having time. "
"No problem. Later the smooth-tongued in you a bit, it can ask me elder brother more with. "
I can only be like this, perhaps I will coax her all one's life like this too.
Much rain of Kunming of June, the sunny thing on the street often happens on the street rainily, I like this season in Kunming most, in the air is the moist freshness forever, it is cool that I often enjoy summer in the streets and lanes of Kunming driving after supper.
Hanging on the overline bridge on the east road to the east wind "  Poisonous must prohibit, ban taking addictive drugs being must be tight "  Slogans. It is the anti-drug moon in June, it will be the 26th tomorrow, the International Day Against Illicit Drug Trafficking and Abuse.
Heart of me ache, stand up in that time, I remember old rifle speak " get, open up east stadium come on, think I 26 " . It is already several months, I while seeing him though the last court verdict has not come down yet for him not to appeal, but he has known the result for a long time.
I have gone to the detention house, I say I want to see the old rifle.
"Can't see, have already come off duty now, and will have met and book first. "
In fact I know it is such a result. I stand outside the the high wall looking at inside, my sight has been blocked by the wall, even if the wall is such a thing, the all right guardian's freedom can eliminate a person's freedom.
The sky after the rain is very blue, the shine clouds fire is the same in the west, the old rifle loves this city, but can he see such shine clouds? Remember such shine clouds in day that he will answer afterwards?
He certainly knows it is some life today, certainly know too what day tomorrow will be, what is he doing when like this? Is he thinking again what it is?
I go around in Kunming driving aimlessly, I neither want to go back, nor want to sleep, I have felt a life is moving towards the terminal point of the life quietly, I can expect the destination of a person's life, and this person is my friend. I do not need nticipated the such one, I am very painful.
I just parked the car outside the stadium after transferring to before dawn, the old man there are morning exercisesing there. I am looking at them, they are urging the pace of the life loss to stay, but loss ahead of time of some people's life can't be saved.
I have one's face covered with tears again. 

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2008-Nov-5, 07:43

His words are too abstruse

Summer is coming so silently, the flowers of Kunming are still in bloom and still wither in the flower in the flower too, tree and grass have reached there green from this side of the city.
I stand, prisoner of visit, in detention house wait old arrival of rifle. The gray wall, gray sky, gray electric wire netting, police stand on the top of the wall and patrol, mighty police dog post follow, behind, give up a getting red one head reveal give people inside the wall finally.
Perhaps it is that the enclosure is too high, I can not feel the flow of the wind, the air is like sluggishly.
The old rifle appears behind the glass partition wall, I see his face is more pale than at the time of the court trial. The reunion unseen for ages, we should embrace, but I can only look at him through the glass.
He smiles at me. I have pushed out of a trace of a smile difficultly too, I have not been knowing all the time before this with what kind of expression to face him.
He has gone to the edge of the telephone to pick up microphones, later depended on his microphone opposite to tell me to take.
My nose has feeling tingling. I lift the head, strangle some things that plan to drop at the gate.
"Thank you! "
I am reticent.
"I want to ask you to help several. "
I nod.
I am reticent.
"You continue helping me to look for my son, no matter grow or there should be a result later. "
I nod.
I am reticent.
"You don't tell my parents not to tell and depend on fragrantly either in my thing, they entrust to you too. "
I nod.
I am reticent.
"Live a better life and work hard too, for you, for everybody who talked to me just now too, me. "
I nod.
I am reticent.
"What is the date today? "
"June 1. "
"Quite soon. "
"What is fast? "
"It doesn't matter. "
"Not bad inside? " I can not really find other, I can only speak such nonsense.
He has smiled again. Say: "I do well, I accept and transform from the bottom of one's heart. "
"Why not talk about you? Yes the ruffian? " He asks me laughing at.
I nod.
"Find someone to get married, so long as you like, she likes, be unable to always float in this way. You are actually more muchly good than I in this respect, it's a pity it has been already late when I knew. "
I have remembered about depending on the fragrant mystery, I have not asked. It seems that I can not know all one's life.
"Have remembered, you will find someone to get married at once, must find my son, you must give birth to a daughter, your daughter must marry my son. " He has smiled again, smile a little magnificently, it seems that these things will really happen soon.
"And you want, remember a bit, we only best friend forever, I bad money of you can not return, be regarded as me owing you, I will try every possible means to give to you yet if there is an opportunity, it is that you invite me to dinner or chase after the girls not to manage to act as. "
My tears flowed at last. He has really thought of everything, one thinking till now is how to shoulder all questions alone.
"Why you should be like this? Why? "
"There is no why. If I am a river, destined to have waves that you rose; If I am a road, destined to have you to pass by; If I am a tree, destined to have your wind to brush. "
"Anything is not destined, you will have not thing at all without the fourth. "
"Some No. can't leave, walking up has no route of retreat. Or there is route of retreat, but has had no chance. I such. "
His words are too abstruse, he is like a philosopher than I. I stand there crying very decently.
"Get the east stadium of opening up on the 26th and see me! "
It is time to meet, that is that he, to the last a word that I said, he has not turned round, in the back of the reinforced concrete that I saw him disappear tier upon tier.

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2008-Nov-5, 07:42

Will this be bette

" the dim light of night is gentle "  Come, I wait eyes ruddy to see four appearance of Chinese character those.
After the before dawn, person of chatroom have, appear, have, enter, get it have me left register for in there alone only when being soon on, one unable agony talked about to speak soak, flood me like lake water for winter me slowly. I may have lost her truly this time.
The tear has flowed out unconsciously.
The sun come out, I put flower away, put, get balcony air, shine, I believe she can move so, I will let her see my mood of at yesterday when meeting one day.
I fall on the bed in a daze, does not want either to be sober without wanting to sleep, sadder that I am afraid of waking up that fall asleep, my I difficult to pass is sad while waking up. I am dialing that telephone, or the result in the past.
I have slept dazedly, I have had a dream:
My naked body runs on a lakeside beautiful, the dim light of night is gentle on the lakeside too, on another end of the lake.
She has red naked health too, her health is distributing the holy and pure brilliant rays under the sunshine, she waves towards me, smiles at me.
I run ceaselessly, am calling her name ceaselessly.
That place of my body stands upright under the sunshine loftily vigorously, my mouth be, the tongue is dry too, I went to her side at last.
I stretch out one's hand to embrace her, she comes to embrace me too.
She suddenly screamed, turned round to run.
I felt the unbearable aching for a moment on the foot when I confused, later the snake of a green skin crept into the grass quickly.
I have woken up, the foot is really a little painful. It is sunny outside, like sunshine in the dream. Adhesive under me.
I have changed the pants, I am still dizzy.
I do not believe that does not believe the stories of omen spoken,etc. of supernatural man of witches either in analysis of old Buddha's dream. I go around on the road of west dam, I have no goal. The little horse says while going out: "It is not good to lead the face, not be hard on Valentine's Day? "
"Let me alone, the leader is not well now. "
I have squated in front of a stand, that is a person who holds the goatee over 40 years old, writing in front of him "  Jie Meng, looks of seeing "  .
"What does the boss want to ask? "
"Ask the dream. "
"He Meng? "
"Bai RiMeng. "
I have told him my story in the dream.
Pile and sympathize with and regret slowly at once on his face.
"What's the matter? Let's get to the point. " What I can not stand most is this one.
"Will not say, please take care of. "
"You should not say I phone to let the police break your stand. "
"I do not really want to say. "
"Do you say to pay the bill? "
"Do not say. Some people have seen our not to need money. "
"You should not say one sentence is not mentioned, now or else you say I will get you for this, I phone. " I draw person who sell, I exactly getting getting gloomy, he this piece contribute at the Luis like for a long timing, I have never looked in the eye, though I squat and can't stand up here unexpectedly unexpectedly.
"Brother, don't, let's change a place and say. "
I have followed him and crept into the criss-cross taxi room of west dam, the woman's underwear and men and women of the business turn over which look surreptitious wave in the middle of house and house. May not have a native in Kunming to live in the house where these Kunming peasants becoming rich built originally inside.
I and he stock, arrive one three floor of thirds, have fragrant gaudy woman see me smiling ambiguously.
In his house except that the bed does not have other things, I squat on the ground.
"Is the woman in your dream your lover? "
"Yes. "
"Do you love her very much? "
"Yes. "
"Does she love you too? "
"Yes. "
"But can not you be together now? "
"Yes. "
"This is right. "
"Any pair? "
"Your dream is right. "
"Say! "
"Really say? "
"Really say. "
"You can't have a poisonous snake among you together now, not only has injured the life that your emotion but also may injure you. "
"What that snake will be? "
"I can't tell this one, you, otherwise possible my life is dangerous. "
What came out I can't force him to say, since the one that said in front of him had no matter how little believed him to me. "These? "
"That's all. "
I foot a bill to he, a ten -yuan note.
"I said I needed money, unless I can manage for you. "
"Can this be still managed? "
"Sure, but it is willing to see you. "
"Certainly willing. "
" 888. "
"The money is not a question, you must let me believe. "
He has taken out a coin, has taken out a cigarette, say: "You blow the tone to this coin, light the cigarette. "
I have done according to what he said.
"You handle stretch out now, place left on on hand, close coin eyes make a vow, do not open until the cigarette is burnt down. "
I stretch out the left hand, I make a vow, that wishes me to let to be countless to go back. Time runs off slow, I wait for the aftercombustion of the cigarette anxiously, I want to know the result.
"All right. "
I open eyes, I see coin on hand become stereoscopic coin, still go up surface to have national emblem. I needn't believe, let piece on how about really does it wish, but I see scene that I have see never.
"Will this be better? "
"All right. You buy one more kilogram of carps and reach freeing captive animals in water, remembers, must be on the eighth day of next month. "
I have given him 900 yuan, he has looked for 12 yuan for me, say that it is more ineffective too to accept.

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2008-Nov-5, 07:41

Can he be cured

Belong to wild goose's young man, may you guess where I am now? I meet some trouble now, am taken in the detention house into custody, has already been prosecuted, should open a court session at once, you help me to invite a lawyer, should be as soon as possible. If possible I hope to have an opportunity to see you too. I can't help you anything in your company, you take care of yourself by oneself. You greet me to depend on fragrantly too when being free, if your company is profitable please take care of and depend on fragrantly, she is a good person, but don't tell her where I am.
I who am concrete no spoken more, does not allow, lawyers will tell you.
This fellow of old rifle has really met accident. Is it back to the thing how on earth? Has he disabled Chen DanNi truly is it possible that? Will not he be so stupid? Even disable and can not think out other methods with his brain? Is registered in my name by though that company, how to become me? Or is involved in dispute of the property the hope can be saved from damage because it is my name? If is really why does he receive that foreign crime in Burma like this?
I can not guess his situation, the one that can only be affirmed is that Kunming is not one day and two days that he got back to, and is very serious, the general thing will not let you go there. I do not know what situation it is inside the jail, but he does not get in touch with me must have his difficulties.
The lawyer has told me the thing of the old rifle: Drug traffic.
"Traffic in narcotics? "
The lawyer has not answered, but the expression in one's eyes has already affirmed the answer.
"What is it on earth? "
"Traffic in narcotics. "
"What kind is the process? "
"You look by oneself. " The lawyer passes me the prosecution of the procuratorate, has recorded the process of entering the detention house of old rifle on that.
Old rifle can go get Guangzhou, go by air either certainly, unless he thief bold. He took ten kilograms to get back to Ruili on the fourth from Burma. In accordance with fragrant to give get on awn car of city him, midway he lay, pass through Nujiang and billows dark green river on foot later, two bridge of river those have countless drug-pedlar can pass through. When getting to Kunming, he should take car, result let drug-pedlar fail countless place halt in another, called Luo Ping there, there are places beautiful of picturesque mountains and rivers.
In fact he has already been enforced the drug law when being from leaving Ruili the police begin to pursue and capture, if not get off midway, should have a rest when reaching the awn city. In other words, nobody perceive when he takes the drugs to enter a country, but perceived later, otherwise he can not go that far.
I have thought I have fallen into the states of a kind of Chaos, will the old rifle go to traffic in narcotics? Why does he also receive that crime if really want to traffic in narcotics? Drug traffic than make timber time of businesses at profit take high.
Indictment assert drug traffic fact of him have four, he in Burma but those time his evaporation I for the first time, no wonder he can change those debts quickly like this. Previous number big, one each time, sell in Kunming once. I think time that he is arrest, it seems to be in Xiao Wang one week after the reeducation through labour. Xiao Wang has said she has set up a work, are there connections between the two?
I angry drugs angry people to betray friend too, but I know what does it take angry or should getting angry now. Or I should angry a old rifle.
"Can he be cured? "
The lawyer has smiled, " can he be cured though I am saying? " Find a one's own one funny, quantity that he traffic in narcotics enough to execute him as many as ten thousand but I think lawyer smiling, letting me to be sick present too in the sentence this.
The lawyer tells me to open a court session in two weeks, I can see old rifle then.
I tell her my news without old rifle too when in accordance with making the telephone fragrantly again, these words would say every day in the past, would certainly continue going on too later.

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2008-Nov-5, 07:41

I smile too

I begin, worry, get up old rifle come, go Australia should for a long time come back too. Old rifle escape from death in a great catastrophe one already, can hound to have only money people to death year, one buttocks he come over, have what baffle he also now very in the debt? I think more and more he has perhaps really gone to Australia state, then anything such is hard to tell, there are many kinds of possibility that he does not come back: Fighting openly between factions with the old red girl, he lets Chen DanNi turn into the dust result and is arrested by police, in this way he can not come back at all; He reaches Australia, as a result is pulled the grass up by its roots by the old red girl, in this way he can not come back at all; Carry too many money go nowhere old to deceive, be in Guangzhou directly on one's body, in this way he can't come back at all   Most safe have money, either safer or more dangerous when being rich, this pieces of paradox, one he the bastard's paradox very much of mother. I am still inquiring about the news of the newspaper, TV and network, have not seen which plane fell down.
Anyway he has not come back either till now.
The business of his company runs very normally, the order received is increasing steadily. In accordance with doing my work of those years in Ruili fragrantly, report the following work while calling to inquire the whereabouts of the old rifle too every day.
I am a little badly battered, want the office, company to run in several places in one day, ask about the news and his own news of that son who he has not met of old rifle.
Can not manage, I can only wait now, wait for " the dim light of night is gentle " alikely Wait the same, make a phone call absolutely than put pieces of wind to be simple year, but no matter old rifle or " the dim light of night is gentle " ,He does not have without making any methods of yours the telephone.
Busy in daytime, the same loneliness difficult to able to bear evening, I tired light to be red to tired wine to be green too, come office need person that receive if out of absolute necessity to let other people go, serve, old rifle dinner party I of Company look for one classmate shoulder, in there, borrow others' health spend, spend for old rifle by me. Think crazily at the time of the loneliness "  The dim light of night is gentle "  ,Think the old rifle, expect own head and go to sleep confusedly while succeeding a ball of paste. If there is an opportunity, I will play human world once to evaporate afterwards, will let you experience a flavour which recall the person, want to die you serve you right, these two people can too play.
I phone Liu ?i, say: "The beauty, I am lonely. "
"Loneliness you serve you right extremely, set free good person you run so, know fatherless pillow difficult flavour that sleep now originally? "
"Is there sympathy, OK? Are you married? We do not want gathering and a period of time in not had. "
"Think beautifully! Though this young lady has not been married yet, has had its owner. "
"No? Not afraid anyone commits suicide? "
"Who likes committing suicide whom to commit suicide. Don't it says to be you, you want, say it is you and I that will faint, spit again, I can also consider giving you a chance. "
She invited me to have a meal the next day, I smiled: "Not true? Show due respect for one's feelings in this way? "
"Who lets my heart be good? And then sacrifice my valuable youth and charms. "
I go restaurant that she agree on time, she smile, narrow, hold there buoyant, see I stood up in the past, introduce the man around her to me: "This is my boyfriend, hard and big. This one belongs to the wild goose, office director that talked about to you in the past, good friend. "
I hold that hand which call the hard and big man, this is a happy man. Did not know why, lost in the heart at that time a bit. Liu ?i is only a friend with me from start to finish, but I lose. One ask little net friend of shrimps say he can marry, feel for every girl sad later on, he is let person of the small size shark smile at death by one while saying this, can lost half a life. Or man such, or little shrimps and I kind of peoples too.
They and I have eaten a meal very usually, have said some words very usually. Liu ?i says: "We are waiting to drink your wine drunk at wedding feast too. "
I smile too, say: "Make you drunk first while drinking your wine, let you forget this thing. "
I seldom got in touch with Liu ?i later, it is other things to have dealings of business with their travel agency. There is all people's youth while answering a curtain call, either a kind of procedure, or a kind of sustenance or hope.
And I, am still waiting.

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2008-Nov-5, 07:40

All these are secrets

In accordance with telling me fragrantly: The old rifle can go back to Kunming at once.
"Right? " Though his return is a thing in morning and evening, if not Chen DanNi, he has come back for a long time, but really I still feel excited when learning this news.
The old rifle has basically already become the homeless person in Kunming, I am still helping him to look for the building suitable when helping him to watch ground.
DanNi Chen have some news, check, come from entry and exit management, she then Pablo to go Australia, that west coast of Australia is in the city on edge of desert. But know that knows, I can't do anything, how must wait for the old rifle to come back.
The materials that the management office of entry and exit offers are only that she has left alone, the son's whereabouts is not still clear.
The old rifle has been said before I go back to Kunming: Choose the old red girl to be really his fault of all one's life. That mistake actually could be retrieved, even it is raped by oneself that the really old red girl wanted to inform, then totally have an opportunity to leave this woman too after getting married. That is to divorce, only suffer some losses on property, those losses can well be looked for back.
Old rifle muscle of face jump say these. He say he heart have some too innocent idea actually, think old red girl love oneself coerce oneself with such a way really perhaps, who and really like oneself? There is a person so to like just recognizing by oneself. Should in fact see through this person in he coerces one's own thing, the result has not been seen through, cause of eyes, in time beautiful eyes first bubble heart, the result is soft, getting soft and rotten.
I seem to really see the heart of the old rifle falls into the pond on the day in one autumn, some small living beings slowly have climbed up, the heart of the old rifle turns into a part of water like this, later sank to the lakebed with those living beings, later a strange beast burst out from water, disappear without a trace.
Old rifle say old red girl Kunming people, I go, register they local police station of registered permanent residence originally, have not found the materials involved in her. I plan, let she her find her whereabouts after the whereabouts of parents from there, it is mainly the child's whereabouts. There is nothing there finally.
The old red girl's parents do not appear when they get married, I ask the old rifle reason, he say because and parents relation good, she people that someone else adopt, she original parents give one reach her sterilization age even couple without successor, her own parents are by leaving the birth of bringing a younger brother of her. She go after the two year finally, raise parents give birth to a son while being that pair of. The story later on is a little vulgar, raise parents to change with obvious attitude to her. To raise parents study in, enter people of factory the primary school too, then universal fraternity no she.
"Have you seen her raising parents? "
"No. Does not even she see how I am met? "
"Where are own parents? "
"Have not seen either. She hates them very much. "
I am unable to explain the carelessness of the old rifle, a shrewd and remakable person on the market will know nothing about one's own parents-in-law. Or know nothing about Chen DanNi's history. But old rifle seem how think conscientiously at attitude of woman, including with Chen DanNi's sleep, getting married and without a trace.
Think about oneself is really? " the dim light of night is gentle "  Do I know again how much she is? In it is in deep distress that I am not in too? No, " the dim light of night is gentle " With DanNi Chen being different, she can want, deceive I nothing what I can give that she deceive either, she is but that kind of target who will only be followed by the cheat will not follow others' person, say such a person will take one's own first night go, deceive one what can deceive person and then? I very base, get in touch with old red girl her unexpectedly in together.
It is said people's personality federation and some as a child go through and have something to do, was the old red girl's experience as a child true? So would retaliating against the old rifle later? But what does it have to do with old rifle and her past? Want, retaliate against, either should look for old rifle retaliate against but should have old rifle go, look for, pass by those let her retaliate against people to pass suffering together nearly.
All these are secrets, only Chen DanNi could be untied for these secrets, and she is enjoying the sunshine in that place to abound with the kangaroo.
Old rifle can tremble muscle thing of proving concluding so simple, old rifle hard to say to have nothing take place revive, completely, it is unable to imagine that he will make anything and come true.

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2008-Nov-5, 07:39

must be another thing

"Where has this burst of wild goose's brother gone? " It is then one sentence that the little horses meet.
"Has not my friend told you? I go to Ruili, have fallen ill. " I know oneself is true like a patient, black and much thinner than before while washing the face, the paint in it is a blessinging is too poisonous to leave the trace on the face.
"Oh, boil the egg for you and mend? "
"Mend your stature, do I do confinement? "
"Good-heartedness doesn't meet with recompense. Following that sentence I say. "
"Hateful, don't make, lead getting angry. " Following that sentence is: Transfer to and is bitten by the dog. "This burst of unit nothing? " Neck the salary want, shoulder some responsibility, toss about, meet with so with old rifle especially, I think the work at the moment is really necessary to worth treasuring, how many people want not to have.
"There is not the thing, it is we that take after the child not who do not have the mother, can't find the definite view. "
"You are probably too glad. Do not you hate being in charge ofed? Besides, director Wang is here. "
"Please don't talk about her, OK? The soul disappears too let it be. I ask her to sign and render an account you guess how behind is? " The little horse is really unhappy, this girl's happiness, anger, grief and joy can find out at one glance.
"Have not signed? "
"No. The word was not signed at that time, said she was in a hurry to want to go out, asked me to put the document in her office. Do others lead me to still ask her to set up horses to sign? How do you say the result is? "
"She go, render an account pairs of money neck finally? "
"Ouch, what this talent the leader is. It would be better if it is clever now that I had you at that time, she was really a pair of money neck. "
"Follow more leaders and study. "
"What is learnt, please help me to get back the money. She say etc. that I want it several times. "
"Please want, this leader has no way too, money that the leader lent to her is all while losing Dian Chi, please restrain one's relief by the way. "
"It is a blessing that not bad. "
"OK a spirit of yours. "
"See anyone and is deceived I how sadly to lighten half like me? Have no way, the leader is not angry. "
"Go to go, is that you leave under order or Xiao Wang leave under order if if you want to stop the similar thing recuring. "
"I do not want to go, Kunming is a bit more interesting than that of Dali. The leader is too, is it whole like that that this kind of people still keep? "
"You are to the requirement of leading. "
"How do not you require? You are a leader, care about us! "
"Foolish bag, I require others will think I had wanted to work as a director. "
"Let it be, I do not give offence either, it is said person that take drug afraid of by nothing, it was good that I kept small life. " Appearance having suffered bitterly and nurse deep hatred of a face of little horse. "Oh yes, how has not your horse son come back with you? "
"Eat more wind officiously, will others go to Shanghai to tell you? "
The woman in Shanghai has gone back to Kunming to leave even not taking things, begin every go straight things but same flight and adjoint two seat at awn city in Ruili. I am watching the azure sky outside the window like the resting cloud under the plane as cotton reticently. My head sends the wood, the sky that a lot of things have a get-together in this constant change is getting dimly discernible, trouble of me still can continue perhaps, but a lot of thing will disappear in a flash among the adventurous travel.
The woman has not spoken either, is looking at a magazine of this fashion.
I went out of the airport after reaching Kunming, she did not come out.
I have baled and sent the thing which she left over in my dormitory to Shanghai, the old rifle promises the goods given to her to follow Ruili that we get on the same day, I send to her too to get to Kunming. The account that the old rifle is original has already been sealed, she remits the fund on the new account, all these were carried on in way of EMAIL. That account is opened in my name, that is afraid is to accompany the court to detain, and his present situation can not use the ID card either. Or will also meet afterwards, but must be another thing.
Xiao Wang still lives her life, few people can see her in the office. Her health becomes thin day by day as if took weight-reducing medicine, can it stopped that to what extent become thin?

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2008-Nov-5, 07:39

come back as soon as possible.

I stand on the hillside at dusk, it will be windy at this moment that there is this that seem, there is no at all nice and cool meaning from dropping down silently at one's side. It's almost two weeks, the old rifle has not come back, I begin to waver to his firm faith too, though I have enough reasons to believe his personality, he has many inconveniences now, once entering the territory can capture piece, have so many people wait for with him clearing old accounting after all while being hard to say. In any case, it is not really the time when he comes back home now, even if he is really a man.
General look worried old rifle when comes back, never ask to us. The old rifle does not really come back, can we three sell the money that the old rifle owe him? He relax guard in I, but I can soldier in they accompany, go such a hillside sit. The sun drops from the direction of the southwest, there is a kind of golden yellow magnificent one on the hillside in the north, in the north in the north of the mountain or in the north should be my motherland again. The motherland is that one can let me feel the steady and sure name when like this. That asks there are person, parents, friend who I missed in the place of the motherland. I can't help remembering these when being on the hillside, when I find oneself fragile.
I will often sit on the hillside to the tree-top, can not go back to fall asleep either, that is afraid is to face that woman in Shanghai, I did not say half a sentence to her since quarrelling that day. One two emotion that city deduce want, come one strange country make, it breaks to be one great invention or a great joke really in China.
"Wild goose's brother, what kind think? " To the edge of I in accordance with hold while being fragrant, it was a Burmese maid that accompanied her to come together, sit with that soldier accompanying me to come together too. I remember such as " wedding of execution ground " such a phrase, have a few bitterness funny.
"Cranky, what kind I can not know how to think either. " I have mood to nothing now, face such a I think getting kindhearted scarce girl mood that I do not speak.
"Why you and she? I think you are strange. "
"Why. "
"You mustn't coax me, I can see. Rifle brother said you were well in the past. "
"Please, my little Dai's sister, don't talk about her, OK. "
"I think she is full and pitiful too, I have seen her crying. "
"Is it exactly pitiful to cry? Are not the ones that do not cry had pity on? Do you see the old rifle cry? Who else is had pity on even more than he now all over the world? "
"Well, I have ignored, I know you feel blue. "
Have woman to be clever like this, old rifle old rifle, why can cover with the heart old red girl those Tuo lard you? But hard to say, am not I willing to to give her half a head of spinach in autumn either without taking drug setting Xiao Wang free? Certainly that have cause with gentle dim light of night, must forbid Xiao Wang's discrepancy even if there are no my vegetable plots.
"Talk about you, I think you and old rifle are so mysterious as to let me unable to fall asleep, can be regarded as 19 oddballs in Yunnan. "
In accordance with hanging down the head fragrantly, are getting the grass under the foot, remaining silent.
She such a state let I heart itch bad, thing this I ask old rifle several times, he uses one sentence: "You leave and tear her and me above to that and go over perfunctorily. "
"Do we exchange a Kazakhstan well? You tell the things of you and old rifle I tell you the thing of her and me. "
"It is not good, not good at all. "
"Ask you, as meet one ignorant curiosity of teenager you. " A for a long time such one ha, leather smiling face pass, can ha, leather smiling face kinds of good fortune often, prove you live a happy life, until ha, leather smiling face look on as people of laughing stock a fox.
"I do not say, say that there is not face very much, he does not need me. "
It is a little grieved to depend on the fragrant sound, I am not in order to ask again, hope it is one kind of shameless behaviors in accordance with salting on the fragrant wound either.
"Wild goose's brother, what kind of person is Chen DanNi one? Be very beautiful? "
Perhaps she does not know the answer oneself, the only answer may be in the trousers bag of the old rifle, otherwise will not get the question of the acid in this way.
"Certainly getting beautiful, old wife of rifle if plain person fighting will had can go, look for Liu grandmother the people become a wife. But you are beautiful, much more beautiful than the old red girl. "
" you coax I (you deceive people) . "
"Really, soul American more than her at least, you think? "
"But   "
Know I but in the back of what,probably it is " since the beautiful cost I rifles old in I " since it is ,etc..
"Don't but,it is old in rifle piece stupid for thief, it is lose there aren't he this time not to take. "
It is a happy thing to chat with a a little pure girl, there is a fulfillment very much, it seems that I am not on so happily to come to get even with me from them. If the old rifle does not listen and marry going home fragrantly this time I can not forgive him. Old rifle, others, until in accordance with fragrant you come back as soon as possible.

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2008-Nov-5, 07:38

very much disgraced like this

The old rifle has not come back yet, I can already be by standing under the sunshine in the tropical jungle vividly. Mountain and I are equally strange while coming last time, only that slice of meadow where we have ever sat still grew vigorously.
I want, go back Kunming go, Kunming I like that one's own city of country even more, there is a kind of baffled floating here besides the incompatibility of the diet and climate, the feeling swim swim over to all pooped out, climbing up the bank really like one. I once fell into a lake beautiful in the summer of some year, I was immersed in the result of beautiful scenery of lakes and mountains beautiful and forget physical running off, get I nearly collapsed while debarking, present feeling and at that time equally, and can not watch the bank.
"Old rifle go where be a little? " I ask that it is fragrant to depend on.
"Guangzhou. Should come back soon. "
"Guangzhou? Isn't it that that helps the general to do things? "
"I am not clear either, he says that will go to your office to help you to ask for leave by the way, say you have fallen ill in Ruili, in order to go back. "
"Will the general rest assured he comes back home? "
"Have certainly worried, so teach us in this wait for him to come back. "
I feel very bad. Believe with I, knowledge of old rifle of I, he can come back, but I serve as he substitute risk of hostage say unexpectedly so, should tell me before leaving at least.
I have overcast face, want to go off but can not find the person who can be burnt. It depends on fragrantly to be no, she serves as the hostage equally now; The woman in Shanghai is not, I do not believe she will stay for the old rifle here with all one's heart, even for the money.
I determine, go back first, I find I in charge of so many thing idiot very much really, even it is old rifle that ache, come not itching me when being in like this.
I walk outside mountain valley, the mountain valley appears to just appear in this manor, there is No. that leads to Ruili outside the manor.
The soldiers of the crossing have stopped me.
"I want to go back. " I howl.
Soldiers stand in front of me, have said fast and furiously too if I can not understand one pair.
I push away his hands, but I have already fallen on the ground when I have not realized yet. Stop and is expected to by me, that was not expected to is that this soldier much shorter than I above sea level can let me fall easily like this, soldiers are a soldier, can't be more above sea level but he is a soldier.
Has run over in accordance with the fragrant and woman, in accordance with crying for one fragrantly: "Wild goose's brother, you wait for a few days again, they will not let you leave. "
"I do not leave I will have been sold. "
"The rifle brother is not that kind of person, you see. "
"What do I understand? Do I understand I will still be like this? " I understand, but I have this mind in the necessary communications centre to go out, otherwise my real his mother is good-for-nothing, I.
"The rifle brother has no idea too, please give him a chance. "
The general has stood to in front of me, " do you really want to go? "
"Yes. I do not owe you money. " If just because of old rifle, change pieces of country or change either place any of Burma you whether pieces of general imprison my trifling matter also.
"Let him go. " The general tells soldiers.
The bar has been opened, I can step one step out. Originally they prevent my leaving from with these, what function the things can not blow to people, but sure to block the running away of a pig. I have become his mother's pig!
"Wild goose's brother, how you can walk out. You do not have money that does not understand either their words do not realize the way. " In accordance with embracing me fragrantly. The woman in Shanghai has embraced me too, say: "Do you really want to walk like this? Am I in this that you bear letting? "
I watch eyes in the sky, it is blue that there is no Kunming on days here, have been covered with a layer of steam alikely. I in face of sunshine, let scorching hot brilliant rays dry eyes tear that gush out nearly. Mother raises a dog of yours of old rifle, are you still a brother as me? Even if you really treat me as the hostage you must tell me! You and I have been over that you came back!
Two woman drag me to meadow of manor, one first on the left right ground all one hand to draw me. General flicker a trace of a smile at the face, watch, watch I bamboo tower of him right away later. Soldiers shut the bar again.
"Wild goose's brother, do you think he will really let you leave? " In accordance with saying fragrantly, there is tear stains on her face.
"What's the use of he keep me? "
"It is of no use. But many to leave one reason that come back more, brother of rifle, alone. Even if you leave this you go back China either, happen once again like thing for that evening that you come at all difficult really. "
"Even only a person he will come back in this. "
"You think but others think in this way, others to think people old rifle must come back more so, otherwise it is impossible to let him go to Guangzhou. "
"Why does he go on earth? "
"I can not really know, but must be very important to him. "
"Day such as dog, and then important to take, tell I too. "
"Perhaps he has an idea, I apologize to you for him, OK? "
Dog old rifle for day, you real he good fortune of having of mother, you want she where is I can be in the such damnable places early. I have looked at the woman of Shanghai, if I am really having an opportunity in accordance with choosing to become a wife alone between the fragrant and women in Shanghai, it is insignificant that the woman in Shanghai is thorough.
I can make a noise, two woman these who make I, I make a noise it would not help matters and very much disgraced like this.
Wait for the old rifle to come back, I will do accounts with him too. Anyway he has gone to the unit to say too, I, as doing the travel that went and worked in the countryside and mountainous areas once, and then urgent some birds appear urgently too.

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2008-Sep-17, 11:41

Newton's sincere advice

Newton's sincere advice

Three people | |  | | go the hotel, three rooms live in, 10 yuan for every room, then they pay 30 yuan to a boss altogether.

The next day, boss think three room need 25 enough only, ask little younger brother return 5 yuan give to 3 guests, who knows the little younger brother is greedy, only return each person 1 yuan, has taken 2 yuan stealthily, is equal to each of those three guests and spend 9 yuan respectively in this case by oneself, on  
It was three people that spent 27 yuan altogether, in addition, the little younger brother pockets 2 yuan without sharing with anyone else, is 29 yuan altogether. But they pay 30 yuan altogether originally, have 1 yuan?

Point out the right way:

How could | | has 30 yuan been turned into 29 yuan? In fact, after the landlord returns 5 yuan, the room rate should be 25 yuan. Each 9 yuan for three tenants, comes to 27 yuan, deduct 2 yuan that the little younger brother took away stealthily, it is just 25 yuan too.

Benefit intelligence enlightened views:

"Complicatedness in imagination of question. " Over several hundred years, Newton's sincere advice on everybody's lips of people. But in actual life, people are repeating this mistake constantly. Let " reed sea "  There are many ones that swallowed up courage. Life is various, but really simple. Under many circumstances, seeing the question simply can help us and push over a lot of horizontally in the barrier on of succeeding on the road instead.

The chaining of case:

There is a pool capital entertainment company, build a large-scale amusement park, lie in the east of the flourishing city, with a very high standard, it is one of the largest comprehensive amusement parks of city. Construction of it take, for more than 5 years, cost 1 a hundred million yuan, cover an area of 20 hectares, it is an amusement center suitable for all ages.

This amusement  park is a theme to travel in the park. All in the garden, fix up to recreational facilities to all embody a concentrated expression of one or several particular themes from the environment. In the theme park, consist of square, child's world, sea floor world, the future world in the centre. People retreat in the ancient times before several thousand years for a moment, come into the future world in imagination again for a moment; Sit in beacon Taizhong of the Great Wall of China for a moment, come under mysterious Pyramid of Egypt again for a moment; Roam on the broad sea floor world for a moment, soar in the space faraway for a moment. No matter where visitors go, always have a kind of sense on the spot in person.

This | | | | | amusement park is not merely an amusement park, and a tour center at the same time. Visitors can also go to the nearby seabeach to swim, water-ski, drive the yacht while coming here, go to the deep sea to fish, take small plane into the sky, or visit the nearby scenic spots and historical sites. These rich and colourful items, have added some glamour even more for this amusement park.

But the designers have met the enormous difficult problem: Facility so many, range so heavy, road of garden how about design reasonable, easier to accept by visitor? Have engaged a lot of famous design companies including national architectural design to study the total institute to design in the amusement park, the result can't be satisfactory. Each professional personage is thinking: How on earth do I design? Day passes by day by day, there is no progress at all in the design work of the road, the passage of time makes people distressed endlessly. The company determines to call for bid to the society, give ample rewards to 300,000 and ask the scheme of the road. 30 days passed by, the design plan of participation like the snowflake comes, the persons who evaluate always shake the head helplessly, from hopeful to extremely disappointed again and again.

This day, the evaluation committee receives a letter. This letter has not provided the design drawing with complicated structure, but write very short, several very fewer lines: "Uncle's auntie of amusement park, I am a little girl 10 years old, like going to the amusement park to play. Papa and Mama said you were collecting the road scheme of the amusement park, I had asked Papa and Mama knew that wanted to repair the roads to let everybody go to each interesting place originally.  The uncle in the amusement park auntie do not only repair the roads, draft on planting, let everybody walk at will, pass several month, see people oneself how to get to, where 's grass step on flat, repair according to that route. People will all select the convenient for walking way to go. "

This  amusement park has built every road in the amusement park finally according to the child's words, attract nearly 20 million visitors every year. People walk on these distances, commend the design of way well, abundant | and interesting, convenient but comfortable.

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