What's the matter

Leaf Lin supercilious look come over already, " Jane fit Jie, you much more lovely when the high school! " 
On the hospital side road where the pedestrian comes and goes, we saunter over all the way, I wonder whether I am sensitive, on always thinking that much sight focus on and leave the person who is sitting on the wheelchair letting me push away leisurely one after another successively, people runs and requires leaf Lin to sign a face with excitedly finally. 
I am surprised endlessly. 
It smile Ye Lin proud," it is for star in I. " 
"Are not you only a model? " I can't help making fun of. 
"The fault is a famous model! " The ones that went back are quite strong. 
Piao so polished as to come over once again a few days later on, see I came up to embrace me. 
"An Jie, I only hope you are happy. " 
"I know, brother. "  I suck polished sunshine bad smell Piao, why forget, his thought is the simplest forever, just thinking about me forever too, unexpectedly I will also suspect. 
"Hearing his suicidal it, I have been really frightened to. " Polished Piao, " like each other obviously, why should be always at odds? You yield to more he, in addition, need everything rest assured, though, Lin of leaf, look, have noisy a decent one no, but attention is fine and smooth. " 
I smile at, bury, dawdle in polished garment Piao head. 
"How to look like a kitten. " 
"Do not act like a child. " 
"Yes, you have not known how to act like a child since ten years old, it is like you where the girl has. " Piao polished to recall, can't help, shake the head, sigh childhood, but corner of the mouth that wipe, it loves to be deep and distinct. 
See off Piao polished, talk to doctor Liu, confirm leaf health of Lin already fine, but because many great scars may be unable to continue model's career on the body, I do not know whether he will take notice of this point very much, the model is the job that he likes after all. 
I push door of ward open enter, see leaf Lin sit in at bed collapse, low to droop hair, looking at one's own figer tip. 
"What's the matter? So listless. " I go over, take the edge of bed. 

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