I thank the growth of three years

Perhaps interview the officer and has not expected I will ask this question, perhaps he is waiting for this question of mine. He gets back to the seat again, sincere, have answered my question: 
"OK. Let me tell you. You keep my impression of you are too self-confident. When introducing oneself, you have used this outstanding word to describe one's own English ability. As you know, I am British, I say so that it is a national language, but you are not. We may not be certain, need best person, whom we need most suitable the people of work. That's why I gave you several questions of creating obstacles later. But you do not seem too self-confident again in answering. You are good at hitting out voluntarily when interviewing, but does not understand how to defend oneself. " 
I admire the mood that he can understand me with so sharp eyes very much. I tell him, in fact tense when I introduced, eager to express consistently, not selecting speeches on the mouth, so it is " outstanding " to just use This word. Show that hopes to have an opportunity to learn from him very much. Then we say good-bye to friendly hand-shake. 
, at road, consider I ones that come back,with before listen to others pointed out by one's own shortcominged face to face seldom, but the interview of short half an hour, I learnt a lot of things, I very gratified, even if oneself interview fail, sincere opinion these can let me improve oneself constantly of the work in the future. A few days later, when I get Ann offer forever, the mood at that time is very excited. I thank the interview officer very much, he let me the first time, come out in impetuous psychology, serious self- close examination. 
A lot of people query very much why I choose to go to the accounting firm to engaged in not having audit work of any experience. I believe, everybody, in looking for a job, there is a background psychology, this relates to everybody's experience. To one's own and professional choice, mean the choice to the philosophy of life too to a certain extent. 
Most people of us, including me, in ask student at the margin, had enough proud score, all may be plain sailing. How much trace, passion that overflow at it begin yet life it carve on us, publicize self- youth last signs that shows off proud most still. However, more or less, all of us have tried the flavour failing. As to I myself, the failure of college entrance examination can be regarded as a neither big nor small setback several years ago, the ideal university of entry that can not make one's wish fulfilled, but allocated and gone to another key university to study the language literature speciality of English, a kind of small setback psychology always often reminds me since then want the constant struggle and advance. Eager to excel in whatever one does and examining oneself into a part in my personality. Meanwhile, too create because of setback I peaces getting more prudent and psychology. In 2001, I was admitted to the news of Peking University and school of communication studies and studied for a Master degree candidate with first's achievement. News dissemination professional a loud characteristic of student to have a wide range of knowlege, everything is dabbled a bit, because of institute that set up newly, course that offer experimental, mix while being rich very, study from communication theory to culture, from news practice to the economic management of media, so we this group of students, say on the knowledge structure, it is very typical humanity students. This make me realize one's own shortcoming, because of come from liberal arts background, so mathematical logic train respect exist deficienting certain. Unless since characters by characters, by theory,it is it easy to make fall into by shape alone very and at mire, form the fastidious but incompetent trouble.   
It is professional to have nothing to do (3)   
An industry strengthened is rising in the media, someone likens it to " the last violence industry " ,As the specialized students of the media, a lot of people's first-selection is the media industry naturally. But the media is a very heterogeneous trade, it is all very different to do the newspaper, do TV, do magazines. The media industry that I understand is one "  The content industry "  ,It offers a platform, absorb the talents of various fields, for example economics background, law science background, humane background, even background of science and engineering,etc.. A trade and a professional concept differ significantly, the key is to see concrete position, positions oneself, interest, working environment to look for a job, future development,etc., but should not confine to a trade. 
Choose to go to Ann forever, on one hand think of one's own sensitivity to the data of conscious cultivation, train more rational thinking ability; On the other hand, work in the global trans-corporation, can train and is based on the global eyes and advanced commercial idea, these are all very important for me.  In a word, no matter how to get to the way in the future, I will regard it as another school, a good starting point. 
In fact, though get a lot of interview chances, got several offers, I do not think till now one's own job hunting succeed very, successful should find the localization suitable, graduate student's life of three years and then to Peking University in four years from the university for oneself, it is and to be mediocre, again in a state of anxiety but end, I can oneself found a localization only. So, only for the future considering with the answer. 
It means a section of end to graduate, working will bring us into the new beginning. In fact, no matter finish or begin, such turn federation is that we will think and extend unconsciously, or it is passing to turn one's head, or look forward in the future. As the state of mind becomes a line consistently, fall into self- history, at this time, write down some characters, seem to do arrangement to oneself again. In fact, everybody in the middle of the we, the makings of because different self- statement with different achievement; The characters such as everybody, bake and bank up different taste with earth out because of different mood. Likewise, different experiences let us choose different work, as a humanism person, I firmly believe the existence of the plural doctrine. 
Remember, get Peking University soon, because to new incompatibility of environment, reality and drop that expect just now, once for some time, I can't free oneself while falling into the boundless sluggishness. Tired of the characters, is tired of thinking, are tired to express. Seem one what that friend speak, " day row from the beginning, miserable and gentle, the health that the food crosses me has not left any trace, the body that the youth crosses me has not left any information, tired, as being hungry, induce people to indulge, induce people to give up the natural instinct, give up just like flowing water   "
But pliable and tough like I, have a consciousness that redeem oneself more than others. Life continues, should salvage by oneself from the edge of nihility, add it steady and surely, so absorbed as to do every thing before one's eyes well. 
The job hunting course of several months, let me understand a reason gradually, work actually like a reason with the marriage, penetrating like the generalization of old Mr. Qian, only " besieged city " And word, majority it's always the other mountain that looks higher, think oneself job most not good at present always, always have this or that complaint. 
" Subtle is the lord"  It seems to be a famous saying of Einstein, about this sentence, I plagiarize it over, interpret as: Only the detail could save the mankind. As to stepping into the graduate of the work soon like me, the key is to overcome the irritable trouble, some of gentle disposition of putting the mood, start from minor matter of the bit. 
I thank the growth of three years of Yan Yuan very much, it is epoch-making to me. Romance and book of times come out in the roll from university, from black and white good to absolutely come out with a fierce one, come out in the rules and regulations of concept from speech, I come out since from a absolute one, move towards the independence, move to maturity     
I have an appointment (1) with island city   

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