it is the common destiny

Remember again that section once stroked the melody which disturbed my soul and day accompanying with it, in the dance hall unexpectedly. That day, in conformity with to invite friend, give up appear one whole night rare, beyond want, have a taste of some study only happy and happy. 
The dance hall is not the place where I often patronize, though I am very crazy about that kind to put in metre in verse and exhibition that the body express the emotion. At ordinary times, I like rubing time and breaking to pieces, a small one and one and small pieces of land are worn down by the desk, taste and chew others' characters, concoct one's own characters too. Can't help, lure, stock first dance hall once in a while really only. 
Trumpet and saxophone look like a pair of lovers who tell each other the words right from heart, " make a fresh start at the continent " playing Dvorak touchingly That section of immensely popular melodies of China, make people palpitate with excitement. 
I only know a kind of dance step, raw. But dancing partner is very outstanding, a quick and sane rotation, involve in me the dance floor, think if such as the dream is silly. The greatest pleasant place of dancing can let the state of mind be inconstant, rise and fall with music. It is subconsciously and beat,it but hesitate, walk getting more half-cooked extremely. Among one baffled illusion, seem barefoot step on soft crisp fragrant earth, well up a bunch of fluid notes in the heart. 
That is a section of remote, spacious, simple and heavy melodies, from coming in this world, dim. 
The end. The dancing partner asks: "What, your mood, where to go to roam? " "I am sorry. " I say, a bit absent-mindedly. The music sounds again, the music is continuous in one's ear, but lift the great waves in the heart. 
My attention can't be centralized. Seem to walk in a thousand mountain ten thousand gullies again, the top of the head is the deep and remote blue sky, under the foot is the solid and simple and honest loess. Heel slip bright and clean ground gently, getting blue Waltz rotate when being brilliant, with blending simple and honestly and deeply in the heart, then, I have caught to that section hides melody in the bottom of heart, a simple and unadorned, excited rammers work chant. 
The small mountain village where I jumped the quene, had an " umbrella head " known far and wide that year . What is called umbrella head, is leading the dancer of Shan Peking University yangge. It is said Li to sing " Dongfanghong " an outstanding umbrella head. That head silvery voice of umbrella in the village, fine talents, good heart. He teach us learn one song to have word, " hey, Hey, Hey, oh oh hey, Hey, hey - Hey, Hey, oh oh   ",That tamp, lift stone, work song that dry weight sing at the physical work. 
While hearing it for the first time, I can't believe, so majestic and showing reaching and plaintive song, the melody is old, succinct, lyrics nihility, but meaningful. What is it telling? Pan Gu separating heaven and earth since the beginning of history? Nukua smelting the stone and mending it? Also or pledge one's devotion and fill out the defending precisely of the sea? 
Human high and level tone is guided and uttered, that was sung the praises of is to create human work. 
Rammers work chant worked to sing the praises of seem apt to make people to be also apt to make people bestir oneself when being sentimental sentimental. The coarse rail is pressed on the slim and fragile shoulder, the tenacious rough fly imbeds the fine and glossy skin. As we squat on the shoulder which is supporting the companion, grit teeth closely, both legs are trembling while doing all one can to stand up, umbrella head long to shout first " lifts! " Then, a sound of work songs shake heaven and earth. At that time, I understood what was heavy. 
In song, people's smart air is amassed together, act in agreement, stand together through thick and thin, share a common destiny. It is restless that that kind of strength that can move mountains and fill seas is in mother's belly like the foetus, like thundering on the rail of wheel, like soaring on the satellite base of rocket, that kind of unresistable strength, the source like all miracles. 
Remember that has sent the flood for one year, we have run out of grain. One soya bean, one rice, we a dozen people it insists on to be 3 day more whole. One I alone and wolf relax to meet into mountain, socialize, survive miraculously unexpectedly half. The fellow-villager says I have hard life, I say that is that I have heavy life. 
Heavy, it is the common destiny of this generation of ours. The tribulation of life, make and is soaked in our blood in a desolate responsibility, it is right in tears that a silk can't bear the heavy load, life not had in order to be cleared up that it is bearing the weight of is heavy, accompany us to experience life in a conscientious and down-to-earth manner. Though Hou can go to the dance hall to look for the light feeling too when mood is impetuous, however, even carefree in putting on a false show of peace and prosperity, the sense of that kind of bearing is unable to leave me. 
This generation of ours, destined to shoulder a heavy task all one's life, the rammers work chant as simple and unsophisticated as that nihility.   

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