This seems it is well too

However, the one that was satirized is, the biggest beneficiary of sexual liberation is men. Precisely, it is the men of the intermediate strata. As to privileged stratum, sexual liberation they free, intermediate strata but therefore with the enjoyment of acquired character except marriage of the minimum cost the unprecedented one - -Woman "  Deliver to one's home "  . 
This seems it is well too, I wish your feeling, equality and mutual benefit. Unfortunately, physiological specialities of men and women, the making one is absolutely " equal " It is unable to realize. Men will never become pregnant, miscarry and suffer the body and mind to create hugely because of love of one night, it is several times of man that women are infected with the probability not clean. However, the girl deceived keeps crying and wants to see that demands to be responsible for the foetus to the doorstep, it is a content of the bitter feeling play before 20 years at least. Nowadays men do not eat ways to do things: Who makes you careless? What does it have to do with clot and I in your stomach? Even accompanying the hospital of going " Solve " Willing, soul too more person who disappear at this point. The cost that women paid can't be claimed, can only hit teeth down to swallow to the stomach. Because everybody's capital " Liberate " ,do things oneself responsible for. 
The men of the eastern society are a bit more base. Those hanker after man of the love of one night, and those require the wife is the virgin's men, often same. The ethical halter is often thrown down by the neck specially facing toward women. Then the woman has not only lost restrainedly but also lost morality and justice. 
In other words, sexual liberation enables man's abundant enjoying the right and escaping responsibility easily. It makes the woman become "  Lowpriced" .     

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