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1.Mr. Fang is a department executive of a private enterprise, the wife works in the food factory, the sum of family's annual incomes is about 80,000 yuan. Husband and wife buy house of 75 square meters and one set by oneself when got married ten years ago, total price is 340,000 yuan, the 10 -year mortgage of the bank, monthly mortgage is 1250 yuan. There are fixed deposits of 100,000 yuan in the family at present, current 30,000 yuan. In addition upon somebody's introduction, Mr. Fang also invests 100,000 yuan to buy the 3 -year reason property product of bank, it is expected comprehensive earning ratio is about 3%. 
Mr. Fang's daughter just studied in the primary school this year, a public transformation primary school at home studied in. The expenses that the daughter studied are roughly: Tuition is 1000 yuan per term, the incidentals of book is 100 yuan per term, the pastry fee of lunch is 120 yuan per month. In addition, acquire the cost of educational amusement articles such as new clothing, outside reading, toy,etc. in about 200 yuan every month for the daughter. Each of daughter have, take dance lesson at children's palace quite a while weekend, train expense as 50 yuan per month. 
There is no famous-brand middle school near Mr. Fang's family, think about the daughter's future, Mr. Fang plans to reserve a sum of " select the school support " in advance ,Enable daughters to enter the better the beginning and study after graduation from primary school. But Mrs. Fang's office is ineffective, the rumour of reducing the staff spreads in the factory again recently, the family income may be reduced soon soon, and the daughter's educational expenses will be larger and larger, Mr. Fang feels the prospect causes anxiety. 
Family annual income 80,000 family deposit 130,000 real estate house produce one other assets cut property product invest 100,000 in debt to have family annual 1 total expenditure in 3 years since. 20,000 yuan children educate the financial situation of the annual expenditure of 7000 yuan to analyze: Family's annual income: 80,000; Fixed year expenditure: 12,000; Financial assets: 100,000 yuan is fixed, 30,000 is current, RMB 100,000 pays attention to the property product; Fixed assets: House property set '  Live alone)  ; The family in debt: No; The welfare is ensured: Couple two people have social insurance; Family's responsibility: Bring up the daughter and learn to grow up; The financing is proposed: The family state of Mr. Fang is good, the resources are rich, but assets are insufficient in appreciation, there is possibility that the income reduces. 
1,Mr. Fang's family relatively lacks experience in appreciation of assets, has not contacted more investment products either for ten years, only stop paying attention to the property product in deposit and bank at present, it is really a bit regrettable that the fund of 230,000 yuan can only get the income of thousands of yuan every year. The ones that are suitable for so prudent a low risk of Mr. Fang at present and like the good customer have banks to cut property product, monetary fund, national debt,etc., Mr. Fang should consult the bank or other financing personnel some more knowledge of managing money matters, want oneself arduous to earn money on one hand, family assets but relative price and put through to expand to shrink on the other hand. Mr. Fang can take out some fund and try some investment varieties of risks and incomes higher too, for example the stock, equilibrating type fund, securities trader pays attention to the property product etc., if have the honor to find a past master resting assured, that one's own own appreciation rate of assets raises by twice and blames the thing too. 
2,Seeing that Mr. Fang's financial assets take deposit property as the core, in assets are insufficient in appreciation, exist risk resist ability to be weaker still, because they have social insurance for many years, proposing tying a safety belt for kinsfolks again, husband and wife handle a long-term life insurance, serious disease and accident insurance for oneself, handle an accident and medical insurance for the daughter. 
3,About madam Fang being unit ineffective to have, may reduce the staff, consider abundant reserve fund up till now, needn't worry very much, anything all have a dual character, continue going to work and taking a small amount of salary unable to be permanent in the factory, it would be better to buy out the length of service resolutely, catch to cook some retail business such as the food early, if adapt to the market, maybe it will be not worse to include than before. 
4,Educational problems of children, the child is the greatest task of each family, it is each of innate obligations of parents to find it one's obigation to walk forward and not to turn back, invest constantly, but different methods and tactics will display the result differently. Way of gentleman of the other side at present the most is the education deposit, after Mr. Fang accepts the education of managing money matters progressively, can understand and educate the gold insurance and method of the fixed quota investment funds progressively too. 

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