The university

Philosophic theory 085a¤ in life   
At strange environment,because dare this kind one jump but under person have resolute others relatively, quicker than others, relatively others are adventurous, so, can hold more chances, so is often a winner. 
The person that will only have fantasies of does not have real chance 
There is an American girl called Sylvia, her father is a famous plastic surgeon in Boston, mother is in a family 
The university enjoying high reputation serves as a professor. Her family is very helpful to her with supporting, she totally has an opportunity to realize one's own ideal. From she is while studying in the middle school, have been dreaming of working as the host of the TV programme all the time. She thinks she has ability in this respect, because whenever she gets along with others, would like to be close to her and have a long talk with her even if it is a stranger. It is in the others' mouth how she knows "  Give voice to one's innermost feelings "  . Her friends call her them "  Intimate spiritual doctor with oneself "  . She often said by oneself: "So long as someone wishes to give me a chance on TV, I believe that can unquestionably succeed. " 
But, what does she do for reaching this ideal? In fact there is nothing! She is waiting for the miracle to appear, hopes to act as the host of the TV programme quickly. 


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