Ten years later to meet

Ten years later to meet

   The doorbell is loud, | one is annual about 30 years old, the man in straight suit, fly away strong robust coffee in the fragrant small coffee shop after coming into this.
    "Good afternoon! You are welcome! " The young shopkeeper wife is greeting cordially.

    The man nods courteously, opening one's mouth will say to the shopkeeper wife:

    "The trouble gives me a cup to rub the card, thanks. "

    "OK, please wait a moment. " The shopkeeper wife says with a smile.

    Man take | | | | smile see shopkeeper wife movement to boil coffee, seem, feel, like quite to such a scene.

    Having crossed it soon, the shopkeeper wife reaches the aromatic coffee end of a cup in front of the man.

    "Please use slowly! "

    "Thanks. " The   man gets the cup the mouth, the simple one has been had a taste of.

    "Come for the first time? Think what this shop of ours is? " The shopkeeper wife asks.

    "Come for the first time. It is very good! The atmosphere is very good! " The man answers.

    "I myself like very much too, so though the business is not good, my husband and I are unwilling to turn off it. "

    "Eh ...... "The man seems the same feeling nods to some extent. Two people were reticent a moment later, made the hollow store only have melodious jazz left. This is that a man suddenly opened one's mouth, broke this transient tranquility.

    "Oh ...... Sorry | | , is that all right to ask you a question? "

    "What question? " The shopkeeper wife asks curiously.

    "Eh ...... This ...... How to say this? " The man catches the head, a pair of appearances at a loss, " could you listen to me a story first? "

    The shopkeeper wife nods, tell the man to continue going on.

    "I had one the best girlfriend very in the past, had already reached the stage that would touch upon the marriage. When I see her at the first sight, it seems that there is a whiff of magic power, a sound is telling me, it is her! She is the girl who I have been expecting all the time. Furthermore that made me glad is her corresponding my love of showing, accept me. All these let me carry it away in the happy happiness, only ...... "

    "What happened? " The shopkeeper wife has interrupted the man's words.

    "Eh ...... "Man face sink, come down, stop slightly, continue, say " just one month first evening before we are engaged again, she ...... It is brutal but she suffers the ruffian  ...... "

    "Ah! " The shopkeeper wife has been called out in surprise.

    "Blame me! It will be better if I insisted on sending her off to go back that day. " The man is exerting oneself to beat the tabletop, the vibrations making coffee in the cup violent has been spilt out.

    "You no her, please! " The shopkeeper wife says while polishing coffee spilt out.

    "No, not! My emotion to her will not waver because like this, I decide to be still engaged as scheduled. Then the one that just it's a pity in we are engaged night, she ...... Have hung oneself and committed suicide. "

    "Commit suicide! Then how is she later on? " The shopkeeper wife has opened eyes wide, is looking at men intensely.

    "Fortunately cooking | | | stove that we find, have angry send hospital to, just brain because oxygen deficiency for a long time, and present and go into a coma the state, even have danger of becoming the vegetable for a time. "

    "Then did she wake up later? "

    "As I learn the news that she has woken up, when being glad to go to see her, but stopped outside the door by her parents. "

    "Why? Why do not her parents allow you to see her? "

    "When || her parents knelt and asked me on the ground, I knew she lost memory originally, realize my memory for the future after losing all. The doctor says this is alternative memory loss disease, when people are encountering the great blow, some memory has arisen in will escaping Tibet. She parents ask me appear in front of her again temporarily, they think let she all forget in this way, it kind, I'm afraid I will let her recall what stand up, perhaps she will fall into a coma then, even run to commit suicide again. "

    "It is reasonable | | too that her parents say so, anyway this is temporary! It is all steady to wait for her mood and body, you can see her! " The shopkeeper wife is saying so after listening to man. The man says after smiling to the shopkeeper wife: "Do you know how long they mean temporarily? It is ten years! That is to say I must stand not having her day in these ten years, even if meet on the road once in a while, must generally pretend the stranger too and she brush past. You know how difficult to endurely it will be such a day, such love of thinking but mood that can love also large agony! " The man roars with the almost roaring sound.

    "Though will the painful very,you or choose by pieces of road this? " The shopkeeper wife is looking at men with the expression in one's eyes that is taken pity on.

    "Yes, what agony, I can only choose this road. By today, one has already been finished in ten years. "

    "Oh! Really? ! That has been really congratulated, you are ten years more diligent, can go to see her at last until today! " The shopkeeper wife says happily.

    "Can not go wrong like this! But by this day, the more afraid instead I am. Ten years, my compliment is not to change, but she? If I talk about the thing in the past to her, she or remembering me, then what to do? Or she has a boyfriend, even has got married? This is the question that I want to ask you! " The man is looking at young woman shopkeeper at the moment intensely, wait for her reply silently.

    "Eh ...... "Shopkeeper wife ask head with hand, face congeal important place think the question that man withdraw. "I think, since you love that girl in this way, she remembers it is actually unimportant for you, resume, court her again once again, is in love once again at most, it is in fact very good too! And even if she have boyfriend matter either, vie for, come over her right away all right? " The shopkeeper wife says with a smile.  "but," She was suddenly getting serious, but " but if she has already got married, then please give up! The person that we have got married, hate someone and destroy the others' family most. "

    "Right? " The man says indifferently with one's head low.

    "Quite right, you must not become a person who destroys others' family. "

    The small bell hung on the door has rung again, several university students who just classed is over walk in. The shopkeeper wife goes out of the bar counter, is busy with greeting these new guests. "Oh yes. " Shopkeeper wife seem what does it expect suddenly, turn head and look at men, " why did you want to ask me these? It are met that I am just the first time with you! " She asks curiously.

    "Eh ...... Why ...... Probably because that woman has said, should open such a coffee shop with me after getting married. "

    "Oh, it is in this way. " The shopkeeper wife says.

    "Eh! Just like this, | just like this, just ...... " Repeated same a word that man does not park, seem, borrow this tell what it will be oneself. The jazz has been stopped, only there is a sound that university students talk and laugh left in the whole room to make.     Man take aim shopkeeper wife wedding ring on hand stealthily with one's head low, a drop of warm tears, have slipped into coffee that that cup has been already cooled silently.

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