Newton's sincere advice

Newton's sincere advice

Three people | |  | | go the hotel, three rooms live in, 10 yuan for every room, then they pay 30 yuan to a boss altogether.

The next day, boss think three room need 25 enough only, ask little younger brother return 5 yuan give to 3 guests, who knows the little younger brother is greedy, only return each person 1 yuan, has taken 2 yuan stealthily, is equal to each of those three guests and spend 9 yuan respectively in this case by oneself, on  
It was three people that spent 27 yuan altogether, in addition, the little younger brother pockets 2 yuan without sharing with anyone else, is 29 yuan altogether. But they pay 30 yuan altogether originally, have 1 yuan?

Point out the right way:

How could | | has 30 yuan been turned into 29 yuan? In fact, after the landlord returns 5 yuan, the room rate should be 25 yuan. Each 9 yuan for three tenants, comes to 27 yuan, deduct 2 yuan that the little younger brother took away stealthily, it is just 25 yuan too.

Benefit intelligence enlightened views:

"Complicatedness in imagination of question. " Over several hundred years, Newton's sincere advice on everybody's lips of people. But in actual life, people are repeating this mistake constantly. Let " reed sea "  There are many ones that swallowed up courage. Life is various, but really simple. Under many circumstances, seeing the question simply can help us and push over a lot of horizontally in the barrier on of succeeding on the road instead.

The chaining of case:

There is a pool capital entertainment company, build a large-scale amusement park, lie in the east of the flourishing city, with a very high standard, it is one of the largest comprehensive amusement parks of city. Construction of it take, for more than 5 years, cost 1 a hundred million yuan, cover an area of 20 hectares, it is an amusement center suitable for all ages.

This amusement  park is a theme to travel in the park. All in the garden, fix up to recreational facilities to all embody a concentrated expression of one or several particular themes from the environment. In the theme park, consist of square, child's world, sea floor world, the future world in the centre. People retreat in the ancient times before several thousand years for a moment, come into the future world in imagination again for a moment; Sit in beacon Taizhong of the Great Wall of China for a moment, come under mysterious Pyramid of Egypt again for a moment; Roam on the broad sea floor world for a moment, soar in the space faraway for a moment. No matter where visitors go, always have a kind of sense on the spot in person.

This | | | | | amusement park is not merely an amusement park, and a tour center at the same time. Visitors can also go to the nearby seabeach to swim, water-ski, drive the yacht while coming here, go to the deep sea to fish, take small plane into the sky, or visit the nearby scenic spots and historical sites. These rich and colourful items, have added some glamour even more for this amusement park.

But the designers have met the enormous difficult problem: Facility so many, range so heavy, road of garden how about design reasonable, easier to accept by visitor? Have engaged a lot of famous design companies including national architectural design to study the total institute to design in the amusement park, the result can't be satisfactory. Each professional personage is thinking: How on earth do I design? Day passes by day by day, there is no progress at all in the design work of the road, the passage of time makes people distressed endlessly. The company determines to call for bid to the society, give ample rewards to 300,000 and ask the scheme of the road. 30 days passed by, the design plan of participation like the snowflake comes, the persons who evaluate always shake the head helplessly, from hopeful to extremely disappointed again and again.

This day, the evaluation committee receives a letter. This letter has not provided the design drawing with complicated structure, but write very short, several very fewer lines: "Uncle's auntie of amusement park, I am a little girl 10 years old, like going to the amusement park to play. Papa and Mama said you were collecting the road scheme of the amusement park, I had asked Papa and Mama knew that wanted to repair the roads to let everybody go to each interesting place originally.  The uncle in the amusement park auntie do not only repair the roads, draft on planting, let everybody walk at will, pass several month, see people oneself how to get to, where 's grass step on flat, repair according to that route. People will all select the convenient for walking way to go. "

This  amusement park has built every road in the amusement park finally according to the child's words, attract nearly 20 million visitors every year. People walk on these distances, commend the design of way well, abundant | and interesting, convenient but comfortable.

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