very much disgraced like this

The old rifle has not come back yet, I can already be by standing under the sunshine in the tropical jungle vividly. Mountain and I are equally strange while coming last time, only that slice of meadow where we have ever sat still grew vigorously.
I want, go back Kunming go, Kunming I like that one's own city of country even more, there is a kind of baffled floating here besides the incompatibility of the diet and climate, the feeling swim swim over to all pooped out, climbing up the bank really like one. I once fell into a lake beautiful in the summer of some year, I was immersed in the result of beautiful scenery of lakes and mountains beautiful and forget physical running off, get I nearly collapsed while debarking, present feeling and at that time equally, and can not watch the bank.
"Old rifle go where be a little? " I ask that it is fragrant to depend on.
"Guangzhou. Should come back soon. "
"Guangzhou? Isn't it that that helps the general to do things? "
"I am not clear either, he says that will go to your office to help you to ask for leave by the way, say you have fallen ill in Ruili, in order to go back. "
"Will the general rest assured he comes back home? "
"Have certainly worried, so teach us in this wait for him to come back. "
I feel very bad. Believe with I, knowledge of old rifle of I, he can come back, but I serve as he substitute risk of hostage say unexpectedly so, should tell me before leaving at least.
I have overcast face, want to go off but can not find the person who can be burnt. It depends on fragrantly to be no, she serves as the hostage equally now; The woman in Shanghai is not, I do not believe she will stay for the old rifle here with all one's heart, even for the money.
I determine, go back first, I find I in charge of so many thing idiot very much really, even it is old rifle that ache, come not itching me when being in like this.
I walk outside mountain valley, the mountain valley appears to just appear in this manor, there is No. that leads to Ruili outside the manor.
The soldiers of the crossing have stopped me.
"I want to go back. " I howl.
Soldiers stand in front of me, have said fast and furiously too if I can not understand one pair.
I push away his hands, but I have already fallen on the ground when I have not realized yet. Stop and is expected to by me, that was not expected to is that this soldier much shorter than I above sea level can let me fall easily like this, soldiers are a soldier, can't be more above sea level but he is a soldier.
Has run over in accordance with the fragrant and woman, in accordance with crying for one fragrantly: "Wild goose's brother, you wait for a few days again, they will not let you leave. "
"I do not leave I will have been sold. "
"The rifle brother is not that kind of person, you see. "
"What do I understand? Do I understand I will still be like this? " I understand, but I have this mind in the necessary communications centre to go out, otherwise my real his mother is good-for-nothing, I.
"The rifle brother has no idea too, please give him a chance. "
The general has stood to in front of me, " do you really want to go? "
"Yes. I do not owe you money. " If just because of old rifle, change pieces of country or change either place any of Burma you whether pieces of general imprison my trifling matter also.
"Let him go. " The general tells soldiers.
The bar has been opened, I can step one step out. Originally they prevent my leaving from with these, what function the things can not blow to people, but sure to block the running away of a pig. I have become his mother's pig!
"Wild goose's brother, how you can walk out. You do not have money that does not understand either their words do not realize the way. " In accordance with embracing me fragrantly. The woman in Shanghai has embraced me too, say: "Do you really want to walk like this? Am I in this that you bear letting? "
I watch eyes in the sky, it is blue that there is no Kunming on days here, have been covered with a layer of steam alikely. I in face of sunshine, let scorching hot brilliant rays dry eyes tear that gush out nearly. Mother raises a dog of yours of old rifle, are you still a brother as me? Even if you really treat me as the hostage you must tell me! You and I have been over that you came back!
Two woman drag me to meadow of manor, one first on the left right ground all one hand to draw me. General flicker a trace of a smile at the face, watch, watch I bamboo tower of him right away later. Soldiers shut the bar again.
"Wild goose's brother, do you think he will really let you leave? " In accordance with saying fragrantly, there is tear stains on her face.
"What's the use of he keep me? "
"It is of no use. But many to leave one reason that come back more, brother of rifle, alone. Even if you leave this you go back China either, happen once again like thing for that evening that you come at all difficult really. "
"Even only a person he will come back in this. "
"You think but others think in this way, others to think people old rifle must come back more so, otherwise it is impossible to let him go to Guangzhou. "
"Why does he go on earth? "
"I can not really know, but must be very important to him. "
"Day such as dog, and then important to take, tell I too. "
"Perhaps he has an idea, I apologize to you for him, OK? "
Dog old rifle for day, you real he good fortune of having of mother, you want she where is I can be in the such damnable places early. I have looked at the woman of Shanghai, if I am really having an opportunity in accordance with choosing to become a wife alone between the fragrant and women in Shanghai, it is insignificant that the woman in Shanghai is thorough.
I can make a noise, two woman these who make I, I make a noise it would not help matters and very much disgraced like this.
Wait for the old rifle to come back, I will do accounts with him too. Anyway he has gone to the unit to say too, I, as doing the travel that went and worked in the countryside and mountainous areas once, and then urgent some birds appear urgently too.

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