come back as soon as possible.

I stand on the hillside at dusk, it will be windy at this moment that there is this that seem, there is no at all nice and cool meaning from dropping down silently at one's side. It's almost two weeks, the old rifle has not come back, I begin to waver to his firm faith too, though I have enough reasons to believe his personality, he has many inconveniences now, once entering the territory can capture piece, have so many people wait for with him clearing old accounting after all while being hard to say. In any case, it is not really the time when he comes back home now, even if he is really a man.
General look worried old rifle when comes back, never ask to us. The old rifle does not really come back, can we three sell the money that the old rifle owe him? He relax guard in I, but I can soldier in they accompany, go such a hillside sit. The sun drops from the direction of the southwest, there is a kind of golden yellow magnificent one on the hillside in the north, in the north in the north of the mountain or in the north should be my motherland again. The motherland is that one can let me feel the steady and sure name when like this. That asks there are person, parents, friend who I missed in the place of the motherland. I can't help remembering these when being on the hillside, when I find oneself fragile.
I will often sit on the hillside to the tree-top, can not go back to fall asleep either, that is afraid is to face that woman in Shanghai, I did not say half a sentence to her since quarrelling that day. One two emotion that city deduce want, come one strange country make, it breaks to be one great invention or a great joke really in China.
"Wild goose's brother, what kind think? " To the edge of I in accordance with hold while being fragrant, it was a Burmese maid that accompanied her to come together, sit with that soldier accompanying me to come together too. I remember such as " wedding of execution ground " such a phrase, have a few bitterness funny.
"Cranky, what kind I can not know how to think either. " I have mood to nothing now, face such a I think getting kindhearted scarce girl mood that I do not speak.
"Why you and she? I think you are strange. "
"Why. "
"You mustn't coax me, I can see. Rifle brother said you were well in the past. "
"Please, my little Dai's sister, don't talk about her, OK. "
"I think she is full and pitiful too, I have seen her crying. "
"Is it exactly pitiful to cry? Are not the ones that do not cry had pity on? Do you see the old rifle cry? Who else is had pity on even more than he now all over the world? "
"Well, I have ignored, I know you feel blue. "
Have woman to be clever like this, old rifle old rifle, why can cover with the heart old red girl those Tuo lard you? But hard to say, am not I willing to to give her half a head of spinach in autumn either without taking drug setting Xiao Wang free? Certainly that have cause with gentle dim light of night, must forbid Xiao Wang's discrepancy even if there are no my vegetable plots.
"Talk about you, I think you and old rifle are so mysterious as to let me unable to fall asleep, can be regarded as 19 oddballs in Yunnan. "
In accordance with hanging down the head fragrantly, are getting the grass under the foot, remaining silent.
She such a state let I heart itch bad, thing this I ask old rifle several times, he uses one sentence: "You leave and tear her and me above to that and go over perfunctorily. "
"Do we exchange a Kazakhstan well? You tell the things of you and old rifle I tell you the thing of her and me. "
"It is not good, not good at all. "
"Ask you, as meet one ignorant curiosity of teenager you. " A for a long time such one ha, leather smiling face pass, can ha, leather smiling face kinds of good fortune often, prove you live a happy life, until ha, leather smiling face look on as people of laughing stock a fox.
"I do not say, say that there is not face very much, he does not need me. "
It is a little grieved to depend on the fragrant sound, I am not in order to ask again, hope it is one kind of shameless behaviors in accordance with salting on the fragrant wound either.
"Wild goose's brother, what kind of person is Chen DanNi one? Be very beautiful? "
Perhaps she does not know the answer oneself, the only answer may be in the trousers bag of the old rifle, otherwise will not get the question of the acid in this way.
"Certainly getting beautiful, old wife of rifle if plain person fighting will had can go, look for Liu grandmother the people become a wife. But you are beautiful, much more beautiful than the old red girl. "
" you coax I (you deceive people) . "
"Really, soul American more than her at least, you think? "
"But   "
Know I but in the back of what,probably it is " since the beautiful cost I rifles old in I " since it is ,etc..
"Don't but,it is old in rifle piece stupid for thief, it is lose there aren't he this time not to take. "
It is a happy thing to chat with a a little pure girl, there is a fulfillment very much, it seems that I am not on so happily to come to get even with me from them. If the old rifle does not listen and marry going home fragrantly this time I can not forgive him. Old rifle, others, until in accordance with fragrant you come back as soon as possible.

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