must be another thing

"Where has this burst of wild goose's brother gone? " It is then one sentence that the little horses meet.
"Has not my friend told you? I go to Ruili, have fallen ill. " I know oneself is true like a patient, black and much thinner than before while washing the face, the paint in it is a blessinging is too poisonous to leave the trace on the face.
"Oh, boil the egg for you and mend? "
"Mend your stature, do I do confinement? "
"Good-heartedness doesn't meet with recompense. Following that sentence I say. "
"Hateful, don't make, lead getting angry. " Following that sentence is: Transfer to and is bitten by the dog. "This burst of unit nothing? " Neck the salary want, shoulder some responsibility, toss about, meet with so with old rifle especially, I think the work at the moment is really necessary to worth treasuring, how many people want not to have.
"There is not the thing, it is we that take after the child not who do not have the mother, can't find the definite view. "
"You are probably too glad. Do not you hate being in charge ofed? Besides, director Wang is here. "
"Please don't talk about her, OK? The soul disappears too let it be. I ask her to sign and render an account you guess how behind is? " The little horse is really unhappy, this girl's happiness, anger, grief and joy can find out at one glance.
"Have not signed? "
"No. The word was not signed at that time, said she was in a hurry to want to go out, asked me to put the document in her office. Do others lead me to still ask her to set up horses to sign? How do you say the result is? "
"She go, render an account pairs of money neck finally? "
"Ouch, what this talent the leader is. It would be better if it is clever now that I had you at that time, she was really a pair of money neck. "
"Follow more leaders and study. "
"What is learnt, please help me to get back the money. She say etc. that I want it several times. "
"Please want, this leader has no way too, money that the leader lent to her is all while losing Dian Chi, please restrain one's relief by the way. "
"It is a blessing that not bad. "
"OK a spirit of yours. "
"See anyone and is deceived I how sadly to lighten half like me? Have no way, the leader is not angry. "
"Go to go, is that you leave under order or Xiao Wang leave under order if if you want to stop the similar thing recuring. "
"I do not want to go, Kunming is a bit more interesting than that of Dali. The leader is too, is it whole like that that this kind of people still keep? "
"You are to the requirement of leading. "
"How do not you require? You are a leader, care about us! "
"Foolish bag, I require others will think I had wanted to work as a director. "
"Let it be, I do not give offence either, it is said person that take drug afraid of by nothing, it was good that I kept small life. " Appearance having suffered bitterly and nurse deep hatred of a face of little horse. "Oh yes, how has not your horse son come back with you? "
"Eat more wind officiously, will others go to Shanghai to tell you? "
The woman in Shanghai has gone back to Kunming to leave even not taking things, begin every go straight things but same flight and adjoint two seat at awn city in Ruili. I am watching the azure sky outside the window like the resting cloud under the plane as cotton reticently. My head sends the wood, the sky that a lot of things have a get-together in this constant change is getting dimly discernible, trouble of me still can continue perhaps, but a lot of thing will disappear in a flash among the adventurous travel.
The woman has not spoken either, is looking at a magazine of this fashion.
I went out of the airport after reaching Kunming, she did not come out.
I have baled and sent the thing which she left over in my dormitory to Shanghai, the old rifle promises the goods given to her to follow Ruili that we get on the same day, I send to her too to get to Kunming. The account that the old rifle is original has already been sealed, she remits the fund on the new account, all these were carried on in way of EMAIL. That account is opened in my name, that is afraid is to accompany the court to detain, and his present situation can not use the ID card either. Or will also meet afterwards, but must be another thing.
Xiao Wang still lives her life, few people can see her in the office. Her health becomes thin day by day as if took weight-reducing medicine, can it stopped that to what extent become thin?

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