All these are secrets

In accordance with telling me fragrantly: The old rifle can go back to Kunming at once.
"Right? " Though his return is a thing in morning and evening, if not Chen DanNi, he has come back for a long time, but really I still feel excited when learning this news.
The old rifle has basically already become the homeless person in Kunming, I am still helping him to look for the building suitable when helping him to watch ground.
DanNi Chen have some news, check, come from entry and exit management, she then Pablo to go Australia, that west coast of Australia is in the city on edge of desert. But know that knows, I can't do anything, how must wait for the old rifle to come back.
The materials that the management office of entry and exit offers are only that she has left alone, the son's whereabouts is not still clear.
The old rifle has been said before I go back to Kunming: Choose the old red girl to be really his fault of all one's life. That mistake actually could be retrieved, even it is raped by oneself that the really old red girl wanted to inform, then totally have an opportunity to leave this woman too after getting married. That is to divorce, only suffer some losses on property, those losses can well be looked for back.
Old rifle muscle of face jump say these. He say he heart have some too innocent idea actually, think old red girl love oneself coerce oneself with such a way really perhaps, who and really like oneself? There is a person so to like just recognizing by oneself. Should in fact see through this person in he coerces one's own thing, the result has not been seen through, cause of eyes, in time beautiful eyes first bubble heart, the result is soft, getting soft and rotten.
I seem to really see the heart of the old rifle falls into the pond on the day in one autumn, some small living beings slowly have climbed up, the heart of the old rifle turns into a part of water like this, later sank to the lakebed with those living beings, later a strange beast burst out from water, disappear without a trace.
Old rifle say old red girl Kunming people, I go, register they local police station of registered permanent residence originally, have not found the materials involved in her. I plan, let she her find her whereabouts after the whereabouts of parents from there, it is mainly the child's whereabouts. There is nothing there finally.
The old red girl's parents do not appear when they get married, I ask the old rifle reason, he say because and parents relation good, she people that someone else adopt, she original parents give one reach her sterilization age even couple without successor, her own parents are by leaving the birth of bringing a younger brother of her. She go after the two year finally, raise parents give birth to a son while being that pair of. The story later on is a little vulgar, raise parents to change with obvious attitude to her. To raise parents study in, enter people of factory the primary school too, then universal fraternity no she.
"Have you seen her raising parents? "
"No. Does not even she see how I am met? "
"Where are own parents? "
"Have not seen either. She hates them very much. "
I am unable to explain the carelessness of the old rifle, a shrewd and remakable person on the market will know nothing about one's own parents-in-law. Or know nothing about Chen DanNi's history. But old rifle seem how think conscientiously at attitude of woman, including with Chen DanNi's sleep, getting married and without a trace.
Think about oneself is really? " the dim light of night is gentle "  Do I know again how much she is? In it is in deep distress that I am not in too? No, " the dim light of night is gentle " With DanNi Chen being different, she can want, deceive I nothing what I can give that she deceive either, she is but that kind of target who will only be followed by the cheat will not follow others' person, say such a person will take one's own first night go, deceive one what can deceive person and then? I very base, get in touch with old red girl her unexpectedly in together.
It is said people's personality federation and some as a child go through and have something to do, was the old red girl's experience as a child true? So would retaliating against the old rifle later? But what does it have to do with old rifle and her past? Want, retaliate against, either should look for old rifle retaliate against but should have old rifle go, look for, pass by those let her retaliate against people to pass suffering together nearly.
All these are secrets, only Chen DanNi could be untied for these secrets, and she is enjoying the sunshine in that place to abound with the kangaroo.
Old rifle can tremble muscle thing of proving concluding so simple, old rifle hard to say to have nothing take place revive, completely, it is unable to imagine that he will make anything and come true.

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