I smile too

I begin, worry, get up old rifle come, go Australia should for a long time come back too. Old rifle escape from death in a great catastrophe one already, can hound to have only money people to death year, one buttocks he come over, have what baffle he also now very in the debt? I think more and more he has perhaps really gone to Australia state, then anything such is hard to tell, there are many kinds of possibility that he does not come back: Fighting openly between factions with the old red girl, he lets Chen DanNi turn into the dust result and is arrested by police, in this way he can not come back at all; He reaches Australia, as a result is pulled the grass up by its roots by the old red girl, in this way he can not come back at all; Carry too many money go nowhere old to deceive, be in Guangzhou directly on one's body, in this way he can't come back at all   Most safe have money, either safer or more dangerous when being rich, this pieces of paradox, one he the bastard's paradox very much of mother. I am still inquiring about the news of the newspaper, TV and network, have not seen which plane fell down.
Anyway he has not come back either till now.
The business of his company runs very normally, the order received is increasing steadily. In accordance with doing my work of those years in Ruili fragrantly, report the following work while calling to inquire the whereabouts of the old rifle too every day.
I am a little badly battered, want the office, company to run in several places in one day, ask about the news and his own news of that son who he has not met of old rifle.
Can not manage, I can only wait now, wait for " the dim light of night is gentle " alikely Wait the same, make a phone call absolutely than put pieces of wind to be simple year, but no matter old rifle or " the dim light of night is gentle " ,He does not have without making any methods of yours the telephone.
Busy in daytime, the same loneliness difficult to able to bear evening, I tired light to be red to tired wine to be green too, come office need person that receive if out of absolute necessity to let other people go, serve, old rifle dinner party I of Company look for one classmate shoulder, in there, borrow others' health spend, spend for old rifle by me. Think crazily at the time of the loneliness "  The dim light of night is gentle "  ,Think the old rifle, expect own head and go to sleep confusedly while succeeding a ball of paste. If there is an opportunity, I will play human world once to evaporate afterwards, will let you experience a flavour which recall the person, want to die you serve you right, these two people can too play.
I phone Liu ?i, say: "The beauty, I am lonely. "
"Loneliness you serve you right extremely, set free good person you run so, know fatherless pillow difficult flavour that sleep now originally? "
"Is there sympathy, OK? Are you married? We do not want gathering and a period of time in not had. "
"Think beautifully! Though this young lady has not been married yet, has had its owner. "
"No? Not afraid anyone commits suicide? "
"Who likes committing suicide whom to commit suicide. Don't it says to be you, you want, say it is you and I that will faint, spit again, I can also consider giving you a chance. "
She invited me to have a meal the next day, I smiled: "Not true? Show due respect for one's feelings in this way? "
"Who lets my heart be good? And then sacrifice my valuable youth and charms. "
I go restaurant that she agree on time, she smile, narrow, hold there buoyant, see I stood up in the past, introduce the man around her to me: "This is my boyfriend, hard and big. This one belongs to the wild goose, office director that talked about to you in the past, good friend. "
I hold that hand which call the hard and big man, this is a happy man. Did not know why, lost in the heart at that time a bit. Liu ?i is only a friend with me from start to finish, but I lose. One ask little net friend of shrimps say he can marry, feel for every girl sad later on, he is let person of the small size shark smile at death by one while saying this, can lost half a life. Or man such, or little shrimps and I kind of peoples too.
They and I have eaten a meal very usually, have said some words very usually. Liu ?i says: "We are waiting to drink your wine drunk at wedding feast too. "
I smile too, say: "Make you drunk first while drinking your wine, let you forget this thing. "
I seldom got in touch with Liu ?i later, it is other things to have dealings of business with their travel agency. There is all people's youth while answering a curtain call, either a kind of procedure, or a kind of sustenance or hope.
And I, am still waiting.

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