Can he be cured

Belong to wild goose's young man, may you guess where I am now? I meet some trouble now, am taken in the detention house into custody, has already been prosecuted, should open a court session at once, you help me to invite a lawyer, should be as soon as possible. If possible I hope to have an opportunity to see you too. I can't help you anything in your company, you take care of yourself by oneself. You greet me to depend on fragrantly too when being free, if your company is profitable please take care of and depend on fragrantly, she is a good person, but don't tell her where I am.
I who am concrete no spoken more, does not allow, lawyers will tell you.
This fellow of old rifle has really met accident. Is it back to the thing how on earth? Has he disabled Chen DanNi truly is it possible that? Will not he be so stupid? Even disable and can not think out other methods with his brain? Is registered in my name by though that company, how to become me? Or is involved in dispute of the property the hope can be saved from damage because it is my name? If is really why does he receive that foreign crime in Burma like this?
I can not guess his situation, the one that can only be affirmed is that Kunming is not one day and two days that he got back to, and is very serious, the general thing will not let you go there. I do not know what situation it is inside the jail, but he does not get in touch with me must have his difficulties.
The lawyer has told me the thing of the old rifle: Drug traffic.
"Traffic in narcotics? "
The lawyer has not answered, but the expression in one's eyes has already affirmed the answer.
"What is it on earth? "
"Traffic in narcotics. "
"What kind is the process? "
"You look by oneself. " The lawyer passes me the prosecution of the procuratorate, has recorded the process of entering the detention house of old rifle on that.
Old rifle can go get Guangzhou, go by air either certainly, unless he thief bold. He took ten kilograms to get back to Ruili on the fourth from Burma. In accordance with fragrant to give get on awn car of city him, midway he lay, pass through Nujiang and billows dark green river on foot later, two bridge of river those have countless drug-pedlar can pass through. When getting to Kunming, he should take car, result let drug-pedlar fail countless place halt in another, called Luo Ping there, there are places beautiful of picturesque mountains and rivers.
In fact he has already been enforced the drug law when being from leaving Ruili the police begin to pursue and capture, if not get off midway, should have a rest when reaching the awn city. In other words, nobody perceive when he takes the drugs to enter a country, but perceived later, otherwise he can not go that far.
I have thought I have fallen into the states of a kind of Chaos, will the old rifle go to traffic in narcotics? Why does he also receive that crime if really want to traffic in narcotics? Drug traffic than make timber time of businesses at profit take high.
Indictment assert drug traffic fact of him have four, he in Burma but those time his evaporation I for the first time, no wonder he can change those debts quickly like this. Previous number big, one each time, sell in Kunming once. I think time that he is arrest, it seems to be in Xiao Wang one week after the reeducation through labour. Xiao Wang has said she has set up a work, are there connections between the two?
I angry drugs angry people to betray friend too, but I know what does it take angry or should getting angry now. Or I should angry a old rifle.
"Can he be cured? "
The lawyer has smiled, " can he be cured though I am saying? " Find a one's own one funny, quantity that he traffic in narcotics enough to execute him as many as ten thousand but I think lawyer smiling, letting me to be sick present too in the sentence this.
The lawyer tells me to open a court session in two weeks, I can see old rifle then.
I tell her my news without old rifle too when in accordance with making the telephone fragrantly again, these words would say every day in the past, would certainly continue going on too later.

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