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" the dim light of night is gentle "  Come, I wait eyes ruddy to see four appearance of Chinese character those.
After the before dawn, person of chatroom have, appear, have, enter, get it have me left register for in there alone only when being soon on, one unable agony talked about to speak soak, flood me like lake water for winter me slowly. I may have lost her truly this time.
The tear has flowed out unconsciously.
The sun come out, I put flower away, put, get balcony air, shine, I believe she can move so, I will let her see my mood of at yesterday when meeting one day.
I fall on the bed in a daze, does not want either to be sober without wanting to sleep, sadder that I am afraid of waking up that fall asleep, my I difficult to pass is sad while waking up. I am dialing that telephone, or the result in the past.
I have slept dazedly, I have had a dream:
My naked body runs on a lakeside beautiful, the dim light of night is gentle on the lakeside too, on another end of the lake.
She has red naked health too, her health is distributing the holy and pure brilliant rays under the sunshine, she waves towards me, smiles at me.
I run ceaselessly, am calling her name ceaselessly.
That place of my body stands upright under the sunshine loftily vigorously, my mouth be, the tongue is dry too, I went to her side at last.
I stretch out one's hand to embrace her, she comes to embrace me too.
She suddenly screamed, turned round to run.
I felt the unbearable aching for a moment on the foot when I confused, later the snake of a green skin crept into the grass quickly.
I have woken up, the foot is really a little painful. It is sunny outside, like sunshine in the dream. Adhesive under me.
I have changed the pants, I am still dizzy.
I do not believe that does not believe the stories of omen spoken,etc. of supernatural man of witches either in analysis of old Buddha's dream. I go around on the road of west dam, I have no goal. The little horse says while going out: "It is not good to lead the face, not be hard on Valentine's Day? "
"Let me alone, the leader is not well now. "
I have squated in front of a stand, that is a person who holds the goatee over 40 years old, writing in front of him "  Jie Meng, looks of seeing "  .
"What does the boss want to ask? "
"Ask the dream. "
"He Meng? "
"Bai RiMeng. "
I have told him my story in the dream.
Pile and sympathize with and regret slowly at once on his face.
"What's the matter? Let's get to the point. " What I can not stand most is this one.
"Will not say, please take care of. "
"You should not say I phone to let the police break your stand. "
"I do not really want to say. "
"Do you say to pay the bill? "
"Do not say. Some people have seen our not to need money. "
"You should not say one sentence is not mentioned, now or else you say I will get you for this, I phone. " I draw person who sell, I exactly getting getting gloomy, he this piece contribute at the Luis like for a long timing, I have never looked in the eye, though I squat and can't stand up here unexpectedly unexpectedly.
"Brother, don't, let's change a place and say. "
I have followed him and crept into the criss-cross taxi room of west dam, the woman's underwear and men and women of the business turn over which look surreptitious wave in the middle of house and house. May not have a native in Kunming to live in the house where these Kunming peasants becoming rich built originally inside.
I and he stock, arrive one three floor of thirds, have fragrant gaudy woman see me smiling ambiguously.
In his house except that the bed does not have other things, I squat on the ground.
"Is the woman in your dream your lover? "
"Yes. "
"Do you love her very much? "
"Yes. "
"Does she love you too? "
"Yes. "
"But can not you be together now? "
"Yes. "
"This is right. "
"Any pair? "
"Your dream is right. "
"Say! "
"Really say? "
"Really say. "
"You can't have a poisonous snake among you together now, not only has injured the life that your emotion but also may injure you. "
"What that snake will be? "
"I can't tell this one, you, otherwise possible my life is dangerous. "
What came out I can't force him to say, since the one that said in front of him had no matter how little believed him to me. "These? "
"That's all. "
I foot a bill to he, a ten -yuan note.
"I said I needed money, unless I can manage for you. "
"Can this be still managed? "
"Sure, but it is willing to see you. "
"Certainly willing. "
" 888. "
"The money is not a question, you must let me believe. "
He has taken out a coin, has taken out a cigarette, say: "You blow the tone to this coin, light the cigarette. "
I have done according to what he said.
"You handle stretch out now, place left on on hand, close coin eyes make a vow, do not open until the cigarette is burnt down. "
I stretch out the left hand, I make a vow, that wishes me to let to be countless to go back. Time runs off slow, I wait for the aftercombustion of the cigarette anxiously, I want to know the result.
"All right. "
I open eyes, I see coin on hand become stereoscopic coin, still go up surface to have national emblem. I needn't believe, let piece on how about really does it wish, but I see scene that I have see never.
"Will this be better? "
"All right. You buy one more kilogram of carps and reach freeing captive animals in water, remembers, must be on the eighth day of next month. "
I have given him 900 yuan, he has looked for 12 yuan for me, say that it is more ineffective too to accept.

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