His words are too abstruse

Summer is coming so silently, the flowers of Kunming are still in bloom and still wither in the flower in the flower too, tree and grass have reached there green from this side of the city.
I stand, prisoner of visit, in detention house wait old arrival of rifle. The gray wall, gray sky, gray electric wire netting, police stand on the top of the wall and patrol, mighty police dog post follow, behind, give up a getting red one head reveal give people inside the wall finally.
Perhaps it is that the enclosure is too high, I can not feel the flow of the wind, the air is like sluggishly.
The old rifle appears behind the glass partition wall, I see his face is more pale than at the time of the court trial. The reunion unseen for ages, we should embrace, but I can only look at him through the glass.
He smiles at me. I have pushed out of a trace of a smile difficultly too, I have not been knowing all the time before this with what kind of expression to face him.
He has gone to the edge of the telephone to pick up microphones, later depended on his microphone opposite to tell me to take.
My nose has feeling tingling. I lift the head, strangle some things that plan to drop at the gate.
"Thank you! "
I am reticent.
"I want to ask you to help several. "
I nod.
I am reticent.
"You continue helping me to look for my son, no matter grow or there should be a result later. "
I nod.
I am reticent.
"You don't tell my parents not to tell and depend on fragrantly either in my thing, they entrust to you too. "
I nod.
I am reticent.
"Live a better life and work hard too, for you, for everybody who talked to me just now too, me. "
I nod.
I am reticent.
"What is the date today? "
"June 1. "
"Quite soon. "
"What is fast? "
"It doesn't matter. "
"Not bad inside? " I can not really find other, I can only speak such nonsense.
He has smiled again. Say: "I do well, I accept and transform from the bottom of one's heart. "
"Why not talk about you? Yes the ruffian? " He asks me laughing at.
I nod.
"Find someone to get married, so long as you like, she likes, be unable to always float in this way. You are actually more muchly good than I in this respect, it's a pity it has been already late when I knew. "
I have remembered about depending on the fragrant mystery, I have not asked. It seems that I can not know all one's life.
"Have remembered, you will find someone to get married at once, must find my son, you must give birth to a daughter, your daughter must marry my son. " He has smiled again, smile a little magnificently, it seems that these things will really happen soon.
"And you want, remember a bit, we only best friend forever, I bad money of you can not return, be regarded as me owing you, I will try every possible means to give to you yet if there is an opportunity, it is that you invite me to dinner or chase after the girls not to manage to act as. "
My tears flowed at last. He has really thought of everything, one thinking till now is how to shoulder all questions alone.
"Why you should be like this? Why? "
"There is no why. If I am a river, destined to have waves that you rose; If I am a road, destined to have you to pass by; If I am a tree, destined to have your wind to brush. "
"Anything is not destined, you will have not thing at all without the fourth. "
"Some No. can't leave, walking up has no route of retreat. Or there is route of retreat, but has had no chance. I such. "
His words are too abstruse, he is like a philosopher than I. I stand there crying very decently.
"Get the east stadium of opening up on the 26th and see me! "
It is time to meet, that is that he, to the last a word that I said, he has not turned round, in the back of the reinforced concrete that I saw him disappear tier upon tier.

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