I have one's face covered with tears again

In accordance with still everyday call, ask old thing of rifle whether I say that did not come back.
"You let somebody ask about. "
"Having asked about, there is no news. If where his going abroad I go to go to ask about? Don't worry, he loud people return the feeling of meeting accident to so? Even if reaching foreign country, he sells others' one only. "
"It is so to be, but either can't news a bit. "
"It is such for him not to do something, come and go like a shadow. It is in Burma that you think about him known how many persons there are? It is not still equally well, get rich equally. "
"Anyway there are many people that you know, you look for, have asked you! "
"The girl dies, does not believe you belong to wild goose's elder brother? You do not say I will look for, will send for and give, the friend that we are so fine. "
"It is too hateful to belong to wild goose's elder brother, some is given to I, so long as his giving to you well, take advantage of me and visit one while having time. "
"No problem. Later the smooth-tongued in you a bit, it can ask me elder brother more with. "
I can only be like this, perhaps I will coax her all one's life like this too.
Much rain of Kunming of June, the sunny thing on the street often happens on the street rainily, I like this season in Kunming most, in the air is the moist freshness forever, it is cool that I often enjoy summer in the streets and lanes of Kunming driving after supper.
Hanging on the overline bridge on the east road to the east wind "  Poisonous must prohibit, ban taking addictive drugs being must be tight "  Slogans. It is the anti-drug moon in June, it will be the 26th tomorrow, the International Day Against Illicit Drug Trafficking and Abuse.
Heart of me ache, stand up in that time, I remember old rifle speak " get, open up east stadium come on, think I 26 " . It is already several months, I while seeing him though the last court verdict has not come down yet for him not to appeal, but he has known the result for a long time.
I have gone to the detention house, I say I want to see the old rifle.
"Can't see, have already come off duty now, and will have met and book first. "
In fact I know it is such a result. I stand outside the the high wall looking at inside, my sight has been blocked by the wall, even if the wall is such a thing, the all right guardian's freedom can eliminate a person's freedom.
The sky after the rain is very blue, the shine clouds fire is the same in the west, the old rifle loves this city, but can he see such shine clouds? Remember such shine clouds in day that he will answer afterwards?
He certainly knows it is some life today, certainly know too what day tomorrow will be, what is he doing when like this? Is he thinking again what it is?
I go around in Kunming driving aimlessly, I neither want to go back, nor want to sleep, I have felt a life is moving towards the terminal point of the life quietly, I can expect the destination of a person's life, and this person is my friend. I do not need nticipated the such one, I am very painful.
I just parked the car outside the stadium after transferring to before dawn, the old man there are morning exercisesing there. I am looking at them, they are urging the pace of the life loss to stay, but loss ahead of time of some people's life can't be saved.
I have one's face covered with tears again. 

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