I stand up drawing her

I see, depend on fragrant at one glance outside the meeting-place, she make in first edge of flower bed, the sob wantonly has passed through the police whistle going far gradually, clear and melodious and clear and loud under the hot and dry sunshine.
I stand in front of her quietly. I am a bit relaxed but also feel sentimental. A relaxed one of mine is that I needn't lie again, I was originally sentimental if I am sentimental.
It is quiet and spacious that the life for team match of Hongta does not open up the east stadium, here only had me left and depended on fragrantly that the crowd dispersed.
I sit at her side, I have no speech.
Her sob is small gradually, I pass the prepared napkin over, I feel the unbearable pain for a moment on hand. I have resisted and has not moved, the blood has sewn the midstream from her tooth.
She opened the mouth at last, attacked in my chest to cry.
I pat on her back, I have no speech.
I am accompanying her to sit there for one afternoon, her sight is dull and lackluster. Until in face of sunshine, blood solidify under the sunshine later on back of the hand that bite I, there is no fresh blood to come out again.
I think where it will be old now such as rifle at that time? Has he set out on a journey? Will he ache? Will he yearn for this world in twinkling of an eye at the end? Who what he is thinking at the time of the last one will be? Who is a care one of his?
I stand up drawing her, am helping her into the car.
I have gone to the detention house by car, do I ask what old rifle was not left? I am his friend.
The police are looking at me, a sound of sighs, say: "Why can your friend go to traffic in narcotics? He left nothing, he only wrote a testament, donated all one's own organs, this is the first time in Kunming. "
I am a little unreconciled, ask: "Believe it too? "
"No. Even if you come us can send according to address that him write to in the past too if any. "
I have not let in accordance with getting off fragrantly, she does not know me either and is what is done to come here. I park car in from detention house far place very, she I come detention house know even
I have chased down driving in face of the setting sun, it is said that world is in the west, I want to send a section of old rifles, and this loves girl that he went while liking getting and is ordered for seeing him off together, will he receive our shade and sight?
I have driven the car to the west foot of the hill all the time, here is very far to the city, very close to the west?
Bird that go back to the nest overturn beautiful posture get into like jungle, bore if endless night in sky. I start window, have been irritated in by the fresh air. In accordance with fragrant to cry, speak either, dignified such as the sculpture.
She sent her mother to come to Kunming to see the doctor, his mother just reached the hospital while making a phone call to me, all these were known later.
I dart in the expressway driving, the city that I see is very brilliant, I am far away from Kunming closer and closer more and more from Western Hills.
Kunming is a brilliant city, future in Kunming is a more brilliant city, tonight, she fills with all of my sorrow. 

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