What flavor is woman's flavor on earth?

What flavor is woman's flavor on earth?
The woman does not have woman's flavor, not as fragrant as the flower. The beautiful woman might not have woman's flavor, but the woman with flavor must be very beautiful. The woman has flavor, three points are beautiful can rise to seven points; Woman tasteless, seven beautiful to drop 3 to.
Beauty from her health at first of woman's flavor. Figure soft, if waterfall dark to take place, like snow woman of skin, quiet holes of wave, rose kind spoil American smile like the lake water in addition, her woman's flavor will blow against one's face. Woman's flavor still comes from the woman's virtue. Non- kindhearted woman, even if she inclines in the whole city of the country, even if she could be outstanding, not the outstanding and lovely woman.
The woman with woman's flavor is glad to study, but not only crazy about the fashion magazine and the Eight Diagrams news; It is very wide to dabble knowledge, can see different thing, her soul held back of the accumulation inside from it. The woman who can make people cordial according to one's own inherent makings is the woman who has woman's flavor most.
Woman's flavor is that one kind is made lightly, a kind of one that lived and pursued silently in life correctly correctly is calm. There is independent personality, independent economy is supported, think in the independent thought border. The woman with woman's flavor loves the money too, but without copper stink, it is that one kind is joyful that others see the course that she earns money, she even likes gracefully to love the money.
Woman one women young and ignorant and charming not merely in bad smell, there are kind-heartedness, concern, kindly of maternal instinct. She loves oneself, loves others even more. Not because artificial, but it is cold to know and know heat, know to know lightly heavily.
Woman's flavor is wiped a little shy. Speak and does not chatter, it is not rash and too much in a haste to do things, treat people not very casual, the shy attitude is not the weak behavior, but the beautiful declaring publicly exactly. Restrained movement language, the sight of quietlying send the message of love, the look of giving a winsome smile, incomparably graceful bearing, lovingly pathetic face, always surpass thousands and thousands of words.
Woman's flavor is a kind of ambience. The woman with ambience, outside the wooden dipper basin of one pot of bowls, the small family causes exquisitely, bright and clean.
,|, Mr. Zhu Ziqing has had such a description of the woman: The woman has her gentle air, such as listening to the xiao sound, such as taking a sniff at roses, for instance, water is like honey, if the cigarette is like fog, shroud us, taking a step of her, straighten one's back, plunder the hair, in an instant, if the honey is flowing, water is swinging   The woman's smile is a half-open flower, the poem flows and overflows and draw inside, there is silent music. 

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