The love is grown by the heart

The love is grown by the heart
If love, don't refuse hastily, then regret slowly, the love should be prudent, but you should not lose it carelessly either.
Do not dare to love, is injuring oneself sometimes.
The love needs a little excitedly. Li Ao, has found one of young his girls 30 years old making him palpitate with excitement when there is a second-class bus, " excited " for the moment ,He can't help, stop she unexpectedly, want telephone of making, the king little to it collects to be his at present wife.
The love is obviously straight from the heart, but not release from the head. The vision of the love, not eyes, is the brilliant rays in soul and that soul depths. If like having reasons, the love is purposeful, that is not love; If like explaining, can like fairly and sensibly, like just passing out of existence.
The love is not reason, not health or experience of emotion. Speaking from the its real form, the love is that a kind of spirit is experienced, is the revealment not conscientious but natural of inner world. If associate between men and women, need to think all possible dangers and consequences over in advance each time, perhaps they will flee in panic. Too many places of reason, is always that there are too few emotions. Modern's love seems very fragile, a very important reason is too realistic, too rational
Do not mean refusing cautiously, take it seriously not to miss absolutely when being easy to appear. It weighs to be first simple way of true love watching and reacting.
In a certain meaning, the love is like the sports activity, is a kind of natural excitement, and all natural excitement all have a positive meaning. The love is a kind of faith too like undertaking, without her, you will lack much strength
Experienced person says, " the more the age is the older, the less dare to say the love easily, seem to know the love is a more serious thing " . In fact, the real love is not really so easy to run into just as hitting lottery tickets sometimes, need patience, eyes, need luck too.
The love looks like the most precious chocolate, should enjoy that super delicious food while being fresh. Yes, stretch out hands to let the other side know.
Whom if one like already since in the face of him have courage go pursue, basically his life and perhaps the undertaking is almost that this kind of intensity likewise loves a person deeply, it is happy that some people choose to offer to the other side; Some people choose to bless quietly. Where is your choice? Also staying at a person's side, some people appear to regard for oneself because others are used to, love and habit, which one will you |||||||||||||| |.&l t;/a> choose? 

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